MLB Network’s “Face of MLB” Competition Returns; Vote for #FaceofBREWERS Today

Starting Monday, MLB Network set out to find the “Face of MLB” by creating a bracket-style tournament with results determined by fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Yesterday, in the Brewers “Face of the Franchise” preliminary round, Brewers fans could nominate a player candidate to be the #FaceofBrewers on social media.

The results were announced this morning on MLB Network’s offseason morning show Hot Stove and… you’ve selected Jonathan Lucroy as the Face of the Brewers.

FACE 1217 RESULT MIL_Facebook

For the second round, MLB Network has created a bracket that seeds clubs against each other based on how they finished the 2014 season.

And, on the heels of winning Sporting News’ Best Ballpark poll, Brewers fans will have less than one month to rest their voting fingers because beginning, January 15, Hot Stove will ask fans to vote on Twitter and Facebook each day and decide a winner for the day’s head-to-head player matchup until the Face of MLB is determined.

That’s right, beginning January 15, Brewers fans should be prepared to vote like crazy for Jonathan Lucroy via social media. Stay tuned for more information.

Fans voted more than 2.5 million times in the second Face of MLB competition and during the finals between Eric Sogard and David Wright, #FaceOfMLB trended for over 7 hours. #EricSogard, #NerdPower and #DavidWright also trended during the voting period.

The Face of MLB bracket and voting details are available here.



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