Order a Clip of Your Miller Park Scoreboard Debut Online

One  of the more common questions we receive is about the Brewers scoreboard.

“I saw myself on the scoreboard during the game the other day, can I get a copy of that clip?”

And the answer is yes, yes you can. Just visit brewers.com/bigscreen, where the in-game scoreboard feed is provided.


Did you participate in an in-game contest?  Was your birthday on the scoreboard?  Did you see your homemade sign on the screen?  Did your neighbor sing the National Anthem? Maybe your son was the “Play Ball” kid.  Whatever the case, these clips are  available online.

You can share the video online with friends and family and embed the video on your site.  You can also purchase a DVD of the clip for $40, which could make a very special holiday gift.




How far back do the big screen videos go? I would love to check out the game I played on the scoreboard in 2011. Thanks.

2013 was the first season we started posting to the Big Screen page, so 2011 is not available. Thank you.

The BREWERS BIG SCREEN link only provides a sample from a specific game. What if you want to search for another game date?

When you log onto the Big Screen page, the page cues up a video. If you scroll down the page you will see the season broken into months. Find the month of the game you attended and then arrow over to the corresponding video.

This would be great but the July 24th game isn’t posted to view.

Nice catch. It should be posted by Thursday.

Looking for Video from July 24th, couldnt find it online. My 8 y/o son made it on the big screen and wanted to surprise him with the video.

Nice catch. This will be posted by Thursday.

I would like to view the video from September, 11, 2014, but I didn’t see it listed. Is it available? Is it possible to get still photos from the video?

We are reuploading this one. Hopefully it will be up again by end of week.

I think I was on the board on July 24th 2014. Will that one be posted?

Should be up by Thursday.

how do you order a copy?

There should be a link on brewers.com/bigscreen.

I don’t see an option to order a DVD. Could you post the link?

How to search 2013

Sorry, but we are limited to the current season. The 2013 season is unavailable.

The video for 9/6/14 vs. STL – Innings 1-5 is only 18 seconds long for some reason so it does not show everything that took place. Can you help?

The video for 9/6/14 vs. STL – Innings 1-5 is only 18 seconds long and doesn’t show everything. Can you help?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re re-uploading and it should be live by end of week!

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