For the Brewers fan who wants the ultimate gift, today we announced that we are offering a limited edition Timeless Ticket that guarantees a ticket to one future Brewers home game, including any Postseason game.

The Timeless Ticket will consist of a brass ticket personalized with an engraving of the owner’s name.

Timeless Ticket1

Only 1,000 of the items will be produced. Additional facts about the Timeless Ticket:

  • Each ticket is individually numbered, comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a specially-designed gift box.
  • Each ticket is authenticated by Major League Baseball and includes its own registered ID number under the MLB Authentication program.
  • The ticket weighs approximately one pound, is 6.25” by 3.5,” and sits in a wood display base.
  • The cost of the ticket (which includes the brass engraved ticket and the actual ticket to the game of the owner’s choosing) is $1,000.

This unique opportunity allows the owner to redeem their Timeless Ticket for an actual ticket to any single future Brewers game at Miller Park, whether it’s in 2015 or 2050 or whether it is Opening Day or the 7th game of the World Series.

Timeless Ticket2

To redeem the ticket, the owner just needs to contact the Brewers Box Office with their unique Timeless Ticket information as well as a photo ID and the date of the game he or she would like to attend. After redemption, the owner of the Timeless Ticket will keep the personalized brass statue to display. In addition, Timeless Ticket holders may purchase up to three additional companion tickets for the redeemed game at the single game box office price.

All ticket redemptions are subject to availability and owners of the Timeless Ticket are advised to contact the Brewers Box Office with their selected game as early as possible. Redemptions for the Timeless Ticket will be become available once dates for public ticket sales have been announced.

Fans may purchase the Timeless Ticket by calling 414-902-4609 or by sending an email to




what if I die before the ticket is redeemed? Can it be passed on?

Hi Tom, There is a form that allows you to assign the ticket to someone else.

THIS would be the ULTIMATE GIFT for me! Juuuuust a bit outside my price range unfortunately. I’m sure people will enjoy the heck out of it this holiday season though. 🙂

I would love to get that for our son, but there is no way I can afford $100 let alone $1000.

“Subject to availability” Isn’t the whole point of paying $1,000 so that can actually get a ticket to the seventh game of the World Series if they are already sold out?

Don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but I don’t really see the allure otherwise.

How would later game playoff tickets work? Typically as a season ticket holder, if a series doesn’t go the full length, there’s a reimbursement. How would that work with the timeless ticket if someone say wanted the 7th game at the time the world series tickets were offered? Do you retain the timeless ticket or do you lose it officially at that point?

If the game requested is not played then the Timeless Ticket could still be used again in the future.

would be more impressive if you were able to use it for any Brewer home or away game including playoffs

Besides, I’d take my chances on buying the ticket for a game I’d want since I’m not about to dole out $1000 for a ticket I may NEVER use and if it’s not for a World Series game it’s not worth the risk.

What about seating? Does the timeless ticket holder get whatever is available or are there special seats reserved for someone with a $1000 ticket?

It is subject to availability for the game date chosen. Please call 414-902-4609 or send an email to for more information.

But where is the seat?

It is subject to availability for the chosen game. Please call 414-902-4609 or send an email to for more information.

Blue Jays fan here. Love the idea. Would buy.

Are these limited to any levels or sections of the park, or is a ticket truly subject to availability?

It is subject to availability for the game date chosen.

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It’s only for one time use? NO thanks.

Please call (414) 902-4609 with specific questions. Thanks!

Wait, is this really just for one-time use? Or can the timeless ticket be used over and over again?

We made some updates! Check out

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