Throwback Thursday: The Two-Fisted Slopper

I was really excited about today’s Throwback Thursday post:

#ThrowbackThursday: Double-tap if you remember who this is! #Brewers #TBT

A photo posted by brewers (@brewers) on

For those of you who don’t remember this guy, he’s known as the “Two-Fisted Slopper” and he was a staple on the scoreboard at County Stadium:

Even though I wasn’t old enough to drink during the County Stadium days, I vividly remember this public service announcement and was hoping many Brewers fans would find it nostalgic as well.


Oh-and to settle some of the debate that exists surrounding the 2FS while we are at it, I have confirmed that he is the Two-Fisted SloPPer, not SloBBer, as many surmise.

Special thanks to Deron Anderson, Director of A/V Production, who tracked this down for me at my request. Do you have any other favorite scoreboard staples and/or memories from County Stadium? Post them in the comments below and I’ll try to dig them up for a future post!




I don’t remember this video, but I remember them showing a different graphic and it clearly said “Don’t be a two-fisted slobber knocker.”

I was only 8 so my memory might be a little off, but I remember after every win in 1987 they’d play I’m A Believer by The Monkees.

The Milwaukee Walk! Or the “Aw, nuts” animation, which made it into “Major League.”

As a kid in the late 1980s and early 1990s I remember the music WTMJ played during the pre-game and post-game shows with all of the broadcast sponsors. I think it opened with a horn section and then went into a short, crazy drum solo. I would love to have an mp3 of that. I would be forever grateful if you could find it.

In the late-80s or early 90s there was a promotion the Brewers did called “Talkin’ Baseball” where fans could pay to have themselves do radio/tv calls of parts of (I think) old games. To sell the promotion the Brewers played clips between innings of people who had done it. What you saw on the scoreboard and heard on the PA were game clips with everyday Joe’s calling games with “Talkin Baseball” playing in the background. It was so bad it was good and the reason was because the folks who tried it were awful. To this day one of my favorite lines I use regularly when watching the Brewers comes from this promotion – some guy’s call for a throw from third/short to first was “one of the Brewers just picked it up and threw it to another one”. Terrible, but also so awesome. I would love to see that again.

If you could the high pitched trumpeted “Charge”, and the siren that sounded each time the Green Bay Packers scored a touchdown at County Stadium, that woud be greatly appreciated! Also, if you could get video of “Barney” (not Bernie) Brewer sliding into the beer mug, that would be appreciated, as well!

How about walk like an Egyptian. When an apposing pitcher walk a Brewer.

Scott – the music you’re referring to was the musical introduction to the Beatles sone “The End”, off of Abbey Road. I’m sure copyright laws won’t allow anyone to post it, but you should be able to download it off of iTunes. I always thought it was a great lead-in to Uecker!

I would love to see a video library of all of the animations the Brewer’s used to put up on the scoreboard at County Stadium. I remember everything mentioned here. I always liked the strikeout, where the player screws himself in to the ground. How about it, Brewers? Perfect fodder for your web site!

Awesome! Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the Slopper.

Video wont play but audio will

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