Putting Fans First

For the last several years, we’ve had a program called Brewers Fans First, but we don’t generally promote it, so you may not have heard about it.

For every home game, members of the Front Office staff take turns rewarding fans with various perks such as seat upgrades, merchandise & concession vouchers, the ability to come down to the field for BP or autographed items.

These fans are selected randomly and it is simply meant to surprise and delight; all we ask is that fans email us with any feedback about their experience and their experience with the Club in general if they are so inclined.

Fans First 1

“Fans First” is one of my favorite things to do as an employee of the Club. It’s like getting to play Santa Claus. I enjoy interacting with fans and being a part of their trip the ballpark.

In my experience, many fans are even quite skeptical at first when I’ve approached them and tried to give them any of the items mentioned above; however, once I have the chance to explain what we’re doing, they quickly warm up.

A conversation might go something like this:

Cait: Hi there! My name is Cait and I’m the Director of New Media for the Brewers. How would you like to have dinner on us tonight?

Fan: No thanks. [Starts to walk away…]

Cait: Are you sure? There’s no cost involved.  It’s just part of a program we’re running here called Brewers Fans First. I saw you and your family all decked out in your Brewers gear and wanted to reward you guys for being such great fans.

Fan: What’s the catch?

Cait: There’s no catch at all! All I ask is that you take this card and email us with any feedback on your experience tonight and thoughts on the Miller Park experience in general.

Fan: Okay…well, thank you very much!  [Cue great conversation about the team.]

I also like it when I get an autographed ball to give out and I find the perfect child to give it to, often one who is wearing a t-shirt or jersey of that player. Sometimes you even find out it’s that child’s first game and then the poor parent has to explain to the child that no, this doesn’t happen at every game. (Sorry about that!)

Tonight, we followed our Data Analyst, Diny Hurwitz, on his Fans First journey.

Here are a couple of highlights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve also taken a version of this program to social media, rewarding/surprising fans who are tweeting about us and such.

We are so thankful to our faithful Brewers fans–you are the reason we do what we do!







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The Brewer organization by far have the greatest fan appreciation programs around. Not just with the Brewers Fans First program but I’ve seen it with their donation programs and youth programs as well. Bravo Brewers.

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