Double Clutch Menu Item for the Reds Series: Cincy Sliders

The Brewers kick off a three-game series tonight at Miller Park against the Cincinnati Reds and we’ve got Cincy Sliders on the Double Clutch Menu for $10.25.


These sliders consist of marinated sirloin, roasted onion aioli, caramelized onions and swiss cheese.

In addition, the Spaghetti-in-a-Meatball will also be available for $9.50.

As always, the Double Clutch is located outside section 215 on the Loge Level at Miller Park.



If you were trying to get me to drool….you soooo succeeded!!! That plate looks absolutely to die for!!!Wish I was there to devour that plate and watch the Brewers devour the Reds!

Now I have to go actually make supper!

Brewersforlifer!!! Susan!

I LOVE that Miller Park does this for every series. It’s such a cool way to celebrate the opponent’s hometown fare.

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