Craft Brews at the Ballpark August 8

On Friday, August 8, the Brewers will partner with MillerCoors to bring fans Craft Brews at the Ballpark.


The first 350 guests at this special event will receive a free Brewers pint glass, and all guests will enjoy a craft beer tasting prior to the Brewers vs. Dodgers game. Specialty beers available for sampling include Batch 19, Leinenkugel’s Canoe Paddler, Blue Moon Honey Summer Wheat and Pilsner Urquell.

Plus, attendees will also receive a free Brewers T-Shirt as part of that night’s All-Fan T-Shirt Giveaway.

Tickets are available in the field outfield box for just $37. Reserve your spot today at


none of those beers are Craft Beers. so how is this a Craft Beer event? how about New Glarus, MKE Brewing, Lakefront, Vintage, Ale Asylum, Karben 4…….

Haha this is the worst “craft beer” event I’ve ever seen. Those beers are terrible and cannot be called craft beers. Nice try…

I agree…its kinda laughable the beers offered.

SABMiller “craft beers”…ha!

wow. this is sad.

Maybe they meant “Crafty” beer night…where they try to be crafty and sell you non-Craft beers!!! Cmon Antanasio!!

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