Annual “Field of Sweet Dreams” Set for August 16

On the evening of Saturday, August 16, our sixth annual “Field of Sweet Dreams” will take place as Brewers fans of all ages are invited to experience a slumber party at Miller Park.  Tickets went on sale today  for this truly unique experience.  Fans are asked to act fast as quantities are extremely limited.

During the event, fans are invited to bring their camping gear and spend the night under the stars at Miller Park.  Fans will have no shortage of entertainment as the entire Field Level becomes their overnight playground.

Brewers Field of Sweet Dreams

As if playing catch on the field and spending the night in the ballpark aren’t enough, guests will also be able to watch the Brewers game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Miller Park’s HD scoreboard, beginning at 8:10 p.m., followed by a full-length family-friendly movie.

There will be plenty of additional activities for fans to enjoy, including exclusive access to the US Cellular Power Playground, a private tour of Miller Park, a visit by the World Famous Klement’s Racing Sausages and Bernie Brewer, all capped off by listening to a bedtime story recorded by Brewers players and coaches.

In addition, each guest will receive a gift bag with “overnight essentials,” dinner, snacks during the movie, breakfast in the morning, non-alcoholic beverages throughout the night, and more.

Tickets are priced as follows:

Age 13 and older – $115

Age 3-12 – $80

Age 2 and under – FREE

A responsible adult (parent or guardian) must accompany all guests under the age of 17, with a maximum of 4 minors per adult (this will be strictly enforced upon registration).  Alcohol will not be served or sold during the family-friendly event, and carry-ins of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.  Fans can order tickets online at or by calling (414)902-4424.

Field of Sweet Dreams is sponsored by FirstMerit Bank, Kemp’s, Copps, and Pick ‘n Save.



Check this outnDad

Why does this have to be so costly? Most families living in the Milwaukee area are not able to pay this amount to go camping for one night, even a family-friendly one that you are offering. My granddaughter who will turn 6 on July 1st, has been going to Brewers games her entire life. In fact, Grandpa and I now live in the Tampa Bay area and Annabelle will be coming for a visit and she will be attending all 3 of the Rays-Brewers games at the end of July. To her, the Brewers ball players are her big brothers. My son is currently unemployed and is unable to afford to take Annabelle to this awesome event. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would have paid for this so that they could enjoy a great father/daughter experience. Perhaps next year your planning committee could look at lowering the price or offering a family package so that families could have another great memory of the Brewers.

I agree maybe do discount for family of 3 or more

I agree, I thought this would be a fantastic experience for my kids (both are disabled) & this is too costly for us. A camp out at the Zoo is cheaper than this. So sad that the organization does not take into considerstion that a family of 4 cannot drp $460 for 1 night.

Was wondering how long it would take for people to complain. They’re letting you come on the field, play catch, watch a game on the big screen, watch a movie, feed you two meals plus snacks, drinks, a gift bag along with other Miller Park amenities. I’d say you’re getting plenty. Just opening up that stadium and turning on the board/lights cost plenty for them. It’s a luxury opportunity … Not community service.

Awesome event Brewers. Can’t wait

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