Scooter Gennett Bobblehead Revealed

Here’s a peek at our fourth bobblehead here for you which all fans will receive this Sunday, June 29 when the Brewers take on the Colorado Rockies at 1:10pm: Scooter Gennett!


This bobblehead is presented by the Wisconsin National Guard, and as such, all feature Scooter in a camo jersey.

Individual tickets are still available and what better time to make plans for the weekend than on a Monday?

Visit or call (414) 902-4000 to secure yours today!


1 Comment

WOOOOHOOOO BREWERS!!! I want to get the entire team! Will Scooter’s Bobblehead be shown on tv this afternoon?

I will be on my 3.3 mile walk to my Chiro at that time..3.3 on way back. Have rods in my legs n plate in head holding it on to my neck w/cables down thru C1 C2 C3 fusion from being hit by a car at 55mph as a pedestrian 2 yrs ago. So my 3.3 walk takes me a bit longer now.

GOOOO BREWERS!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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