Happy Birthday, Wei-Chung Wang!

Before this past Wednesday, you knew Wei-Chung Wang (pronounced “WAY-chung-WONG”),  as the Taiwanese Brewers pitcher who was acquired this past offseason in the Rule 5 Draft from Pittsburgh.

Post what has now been dubbed Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday,” (or for those of you on Twitter and Instagram, #WCWW), Wei-Chung is now a viral video star and somewhat of a Milwaukee legend.

It all started with some tweets from the Brewers bullpen and quickly escalated when Bullpen Catcher Marcus Hanel posted this video to Instagram:

#wcww Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday! Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

A video posted by Marcus Hanel (@markoos55) on

Here, Wei-Chung Wang is featured as the lead dancer, with fellow relievers Tyler Thornburg, Will Smith, Jim Henderson and others serving as back-up dancers to the song “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” by the Wang Chung Band out of the UK.

Since then, the video has been picked up by many news outlets and viewed hundreds of thousands of times, including by the Wang Chung Band: Wang Chung BandWell, today happens to be Wei-Chung’s birthday and, with  #WCWW so fresh in our minds (and “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” still stuck in our heads), we decided to surprise him with a very special birthday greeting on the scoreboard. Wei Chung Wang

Check out his priceless reaction, here:

You can bet that Wei-Chung and his teammates certainly are having fun tonight, enjoying a 5-2 win over the Chicago Cubs.

The Brewers bullpen reacts to the birthday message.

The Brewers bullpen reacts to the birthday message.

As for me? Here are four words I never thought I’d say: Is it Wednesday yet? https://twitter.com/TylerThornburg/status/459106288060747776



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