Now Trending: #WCWW Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday!

Hey guys, guess what day it is! Guess. What. Day. It. Is.

You may think of today as “Wednesday,” or thanks to that talking camel, “Hump Day,” but to the Brewers bullpen, it’s so much more than that…. Move over, Dromedary. It’s Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday, or for those of you on Twitter and Instagram, #WCWW for short.

Wei-Chung Wang (pronounced “WAY-chung-WONG”),  who was acquired this past offseason in the Rule 5 Draft from Pittsburgh, is from Taiwan. The Brewers reliever, who will turn 22 on Friday, made his Major League debut on April 14 vs. the St. Louis Cardinals, becoming the 11th Taiwanese player (8th pitcher, 1st Brewer) to play in the majors, and the youngest player from Taiwan to play in the Major Leagues.

The #WCWW trend appears to have been started by Brewers Bullpen Catcher Marcus Hanel last Wednesday, April 16:


But I have a feeling today’s post is really going to put it on the map:

#wcww Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday! Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

A video posted by Marcus Hanel (@markoos55) on


In this video by Marcus Hanel, Wei-Chung Wang is featured as the lead dancer, with fellow relievers Tyler Thornburg, Will Smith, Jim Henderson and others serving as back-up dancers to the song “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” by the Wang Chung Band out of the UK.


Looks like Wednesdays just got a whole lot more fun for Brewer Nation.



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When the Brewers are having fun, they are winning! Keep it up guys. Love it. GO BREWERS!!!!!

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