Haley Smilow Interviews Rickie Weeks

Haley Smilow is a 12-year-old budding journalist who has had several interviews published with Baseball Youth Magazine, Junior Baseball Magazine and SI Kids and, in her brief career, she has already interviewed more than two dozen MLB players.

One of those players was Rickie Weeks.  Below is a Q&A that was recently published in Baseball Youth Magazine, which is a magazine geared toward youth baseball players, that we thought our readers might also enjoy.

Thanks to Haley for sharing this with us and we wish you the best of luck in pursuit of your passion!

-John and Cait



Haley Smilow interviews Rickie Weeks

Haley Smilow interviews Rickie Weeks

HALEY:  What is your favorite thing about Miller Park?

RICKIE:  The fans are amazing and I have spent my entire career in Milwaukee.


HALEY:  Are there any other ballparks that you particularly like?

RICKIE:  Miami because I was born in Florida and my family is there.


HALEY:  What do you think of the tailgating at Miller Park?

RICKIE:  It is absolutely nuts and I appreciate the fans’ passion.

HALEY: Have you ever been a part of it?

RICKIE:  No, they won’t let me !


HALEY:  Which racing sausage is your favorite?  What is your favorite sausage to eat?

RICKIE:  Chorizo is the man and also my favorite to eat.


HALEY:  Have you ever gone down Bernie’s slide?

RICKIE:  No but my wife has.  I am scared to!


HALEY:  Do you have a favorite restaurant in Milwaukee?

RICKIE:  Carnevor, I love steak.


HALEY:  Are you ever in Milwaukee during the winter and how do you deal w/ the cold?

RICKIE:  No, just for [Brewers on Deck] to see the fans and I stay inside as much as possible.


HALEY:  If you were not playing Baseball what else could you see yourself doing?

RICKIE:  Sports Management


HALEY:  Besides being drafted as the number two pick, and winning the NCAA Division 1 batting title twice and your appearance in the 2011 All Star game what other accomplishments are you most proud of?

RICKIE:  Wow good question, I would have to say going to the playoffs twice.


HALEY:  What do you do before/after games when you are not in Milwaukee?

RICKIE:  Get lots of sleep and talk to my wife.


HALEY:  Do you have any superstitions or rituals?

RICKIE:  I pray before going up to bat.


HALEY:  What is the best practical joke you have ever seen?

RICKIE:  It pretty lame but putting eye black under the rim of someone’s hat is always funny.


HALEY:  What other sports do you like besides baseball.

RICKIE:  I love football and basketball.


HALEY:  Where does your love of baseball come from?

RICKIE:  From my dad.


HALEY:  What part of your game can you improve on?

RICKIE:  All parts, and work hard and focus.


HALEY:  What is your favorite thing to cook?

RICKIE:  Steak!


HALEY:  Who are some of your peers that got game?

RICKIE:  You stumped me, but I am going to say my brother, Jemile.


HALEY:  What do you respect most about your brother?

RICKIE:  His hard work and dedication.

HALEY: What about his game?

EICKIE:  That he is a switch hitter.  I am envious that I can’t and he is very fast.


HALEY:  Who would be on Rickie Weeks All-Star Team?

RICKIE:  All nine players?  Ok how about Prince Fielder, Jemile and the rest of the Brewers.


HALEY:  Best baseball movie?

RICKIE:  42, I am a big history buff and Jackie was a big influence of mine.


HALEY:  What advice would you give kids?

RICKIE:  Stick to your dreams and the sky’s the limit.


Interview courtesy of Baseball Youth Magazine & Haley Smilow


If you are interested in more about Haley Smilow please check out: http://smilow.mlblogs.com or follow her on Twitter @Smilow.


Rickie weeks, I’m your number 1 fan! Please, don’t leave the brewers because you rock and are a perfect addition to the Brewers! No matter how much money you get for another team, please don’t leave because I look up to you! Your the person in my life who I look up to

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