See Spring Training Through Hank’s Eyes with #HankCam

Technology really is amazing.

It allows us to  go places and see and do things that we never thought possible. And, as we know, it’s rapidly advancing all the time.

Like earlier this spring, when we outfitted catcher Jonathan Lucroy with a camera on his chest protector to see what a Major League pitch looks like from his point of view. We captured some great footage from an awesome angle, giving us another way to bring fans behind the scenes and closer to the game.

And… that got us thinking about all the other unique vantage points we can bring you in the future including…Hank’s. We wondered: Just what does Spring Training look like from the #BallparkPup’s point of view?

The answer? It’s pretty fantastic.

HankCam BallparkPup

“Wait a minute, you put the camera on me and then you put it on Hank….Does that make me the human Hank?” Jonathan Lucroy asked.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you…. #HankCam:

As he prepares to head north tomorrow, this was a great way for Hank to see Maryvale one more time and say “See ya later” to his buddies, who he will see in Milwaukee in just two weeks!


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