“Fetcher” Reports to Spring Training; Tries to Walk On As Member of 2014 Brewers

Bernie, watch your back.

Move over, Brat, Polish, Italian, Hot Dog and Chorizo—there’s a new Top Dog in town.

We’re not sure where he came from, but a little stray pup is quickly becoming not just the Brewers unofficial Spring Training mascot, but a valued member of the team.

The pooch, who has since been named Hank (after who else but Hank Aaron?), wandered into Brewers camp two days ago looking a little grubby but ready for play. In no time, this little dog has stolen more hearts than Tommy Harper stole bases in 1969.

A staff member took Hank to the vet where he received his shots and a bath, but this little scrapper’s jersey will never be spotless. His white uniform looks to be permanently shaded a little on the gray side in places, but when you get to know this little fella’s personality, you see it’s a perfect fit.

Hank spends each day roaming offices and playing fields, visiting with everyone from Doug Melvin, Ron Roenicke, players and coaches to ticket office and concessions staff. Hank is going home with members of the organization each night to a warm bed, and he recently completed a day at the Team Store where he picked out his favorite styles from the latest Brewers pet gear.

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So, what’s the next chapter? Stay tuned. Hank is in good hands and we’ll keep you posted on our most devoted “tail”-gater in the coming days.

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2/20/14 “#BallparkPup”date:

After our posts yesterday, Hank has become a dog in demand! He spent the morning in the Clubhouse and did three TV interviews. He also took to the field for practice with his mentor, Yovani Gallardo.

Also, many of you are asking what is going to happen to Hank after Spring Training. Rest assured, Hank’s days as a stray are over, one way or another and he’ll continue to be well taken care of.

Here are some more photos from earlier today (How fitting is it that it’s “National Love Your Pet Day“?):

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Super!!! Baseball and pups, my favorite things🙂 Bring Hank home, it seems like he was destined to be a BREWER MASCOT!!!!! Knows a good thing when he sees one!!!

I have Fletcher”s brother! A rescue dog I adopted in 2013🙂

Looks like a beautiful cockapoo! Wonderful dogs!

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Are you trying to find this little guys rightful owner?

If nobody comes forward as Hank’s original owner, we almost certainly will be bringing him to Milwaukee with us. No matter what, though, Hank will be placed in a great home and will no longer be a stray.

I see a Brewer’s childrens book in the making….’The Adventures of Home Run Hank’

Hank is precious! He should go back to Milwaukee, seems he’s bonded with everyone!

Love Hank! He looks to be part Bichon. He’s very cute. I have two. If he needs to play with friends in milwaukee let me know he can come visit!

That’s a wonderful thing you did, taking Hank in. He looks so handsome in his new gear and very happy. Just please don’t break his heart and take him to a shelter or discard him. I am an avid dog lover and I see this happen and it breaks my heart. That being said; he is one lucky boy. I look forward to more pictures of Hank with his new family.🙂

AWESOME GUYS !!!! thank you for taking care of this little guy … my heart goes out to each one of you for doing this … if only more people in this world would do what a great job you are taking this poor dog in. i have 9 rescue dogs of which 5 are under 5 lbs…isabelle,benji,roxey,aunya,annabelle, shep,bama,izzy and tiki …and they are all my babies that God sent for me to take care ….. so guys KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB !!!!

I’ve been looking for a team that I can pull for. Now I’ve found one.
Go Brewers !!!

God bless you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the dog’s rightful owner hasn’t heard about Hank by now due to all of the media coverage, I’m sure the owner’s friends or family would have said something, wouldn’t you think? SOMEONE down there would be bound to have heard the media reports. So, if he’s getting so much publicity, it would be hard to imagine that a human who knew Hank’s former owner wouldn’t step up and say something.

I now have a new favorite MLB team…

If the Brewers want to hire a dog sitter for Hank – I’m available! Will take him to all the games!

This is wild! My husband works for the minor league team here in Hickory, NC and on February 1st we found a dog in our bullpen. Unfortunately his injuries looked like he was used as a “bait” dog. Multiple surgeries and half an ear later he seems to be on the mend. We are posting his picture on FB in hopes of finding him a good home! Oh, we’ve been calling him, “Bullpen”!

I just became a Brewers fan

Wow, I’ve never watched baseball before (yes, I am American🙂 but I will now. What a great example this team is setting. May you all be blessed and win all your games!

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Hank is a cockapoo, probably full grown. Hank is identical to our cockapoo in every respect, including coloring. Identical except for the male parts that is.

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