Offseason’s Greetings, Brewers Fans: Have You “Been Bernied”?

This holiday season, we’ re offering fans the chance  to get in the spirit through a fun game called “You’ve Been Bernied.”  Through various social media platforms and pay-it-forward goodwill, Brewers fans can participate in the game for a chance to win the gift of the season (the Brewers season, that is!)—a pair of Brewers Holiday 4-Packs—while at the same time, spread holiday cheer and “offseason’s greetings.”

Fans are encouraged to visit to participate in the game.  There, fans can print out an “I’ve Been Bernied” sign and instruction sheet and pass it along with a special treat to “Bernie” their neighbors, friends or family and watch the game build throughout the community. For a chance to win the Brewers Holiday 4-Packs and other prizes, fans are invited to take photos of their treats and/or of themselves sporting a Bernie Brewer moustache and post the image to Twitter and/or Instagram using #IveBeenBernied.

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The game is based on the popular holiday activities by neighbors and friends such as “Elf-ing” at Christmas and “Boo-ing” at Halloween.

Brewers Holiday 4-Packs have been on sale since mid-November and are a fantastic holiday gift.  Each pair of Brewers Holiday 4-Packs comes with a Bernie Brewer collectible holiday ornament.  Packages start at just $72 and plans are optimized to fit every schedule.  For more information on Brewers Holiday 4-Packs, visit

The “You’ve Been Bernied” contest runs through December 19th, so be sure to visit as soon as possible to start your own Bernie chain among family, friends and co-workers!

Here’s a fun gallery of some folks who have been Bernied so far!

And–Cait was even Bernied recently!

In other news… #ivebeenbernied! #brewers #bestdayever

A photo posted by Caitlin Moyer (@caitlinmoyer) on

Have you Been Bernied or Bernied others? We want to hear from you, leave us a message in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

-John & Cait

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