Fan Appreciation Night Hits the Miller Park Parking Lots

As part of last night’s Fan Appreciation Night presented by Chevrolet, Brewers players were escorted on golf carts through the parking lots to surprise fans with gifts as a way of thanking everyone for their season-long support. After batting practice, the players hopped on the carts and went for the ride.

All the players, that is, except for Norichika Aoki, who decided he wanted to drive. He hopped in the driver’s seat of one of the carts and took off!

Every Brewers player and coach handed out bobbleheads, t-shirts and other Brewers goodies to fans in the parking lot to show appreciation for their support.

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Jean Segura even got in the act by flipping a burger on the grill at a tailgate and Tom Gorzelanny snuck a cookie from a group (both the burgers and the cookies looked and smelled great!).

The gesture caught most fans by surprise as they really didn’t really expect to see Brewers players cruising through the lots on golf carts.  It was a fun treat to see the reaction of the fans when the saw the players. There were a lot of double takes! It was also fun to see the reaction of the players, some of whom had never seen the extravagant tailgating that goes on before every Brewers game.

Were you in the parking lot yesterday?  Share your story with us in the comments section below!


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We were coming to the game downhill from Yount Drive and saw all the player’s carts in the lot. Did a double-take. Sorry we didn’t get to see them where we parked.

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