$1 Hot Dogs on Labor Day at Miller Park, FS Wisconsin To Host Hot Dog Eating Challenge

Tomorrow the Brewers will celebrate the traditional end of summer with a celebration of summer’s favorite treat: the hot dog.  Hot dogs will be just $1 tomorrow at Miller Park as the Brewers take on the Pirates at 1:10 p.m. at Miller Park.

Our friends at FS Wisconsin will celebrate with a hot dog eating challenge throughout the game.  Craig Coshun, Jerry Augustine and Sophia Minnaert will eat as many hot dogs as they can during the game tomorrow to benefit the Brewers Community Foundation.

They will be at the FS Wisconsin desk in right field throughout the game.  Brewers television announcer Bill Schroeder will buy the hot dogs they eat and Schroeder, Brian Anderson and FS Wisconsin producer Michael Vettor will all give $10 to the Brewers Community Foundation for each hot dog eaten by Coshun, Augustine and Minnaert.

If you are here at Miller Park you can enjoy $1 hot dogs and Brewers baseball.  If you can’t make it to Miller Park, tune in to the Brewers on FS Wisconsin to follow the progress of the hot dog eating challenge on television!  Enjoy the holiday!





If bill Schroeder buys me the hot dogs I could see about eating more then Sophia Craig and Jerry combine.

Ill buy the wieners myself and I bet I got all three toasted!!!

It was so much fun watching Saturday night’s game and listening to this challenge develop. Way to go Bill, Craig, Augie, Sophia–and way to sign Brian up, too. That’ll teach him to abandon us for football!!

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