An Open Letter to “Sarah” and Chad, the “Mystery Man,” at Miller Park

Chad the "Mystery Man" and  Sarah's son.

Chad the “Mystery Man” and Sarah’s son.

Dear Sarah and Chad,

We are baseball fans just like you and read Sarah’s blog about your interaction with each other this weekend at Miller Park.  It touched us here at Miller Park, like it obviously has so many people through social media (take a look at the long list of comments on Sarah’s blog! WOW!) and the general news media.  It was a great story of kindness in the spirit of baseball.

We want to reach out to you both and invite you back to Miller Park for a game as guests of the Brewers.  We want you to meet again so a proper “Thank You” can take place.  A thank you over the internet isn’t as meaningful as a thank you in person.  And what better place to do it than Miller Park!?  Anyway, if you are reading this, please get in touch us via e-mail at  Milwaukee is a close community and a lot of “friends of friends” as we all know–somehow this message will find you both.  We hope to make another special memory for you and your family.

Thanks for teaching everyone a lesson in kindness and Go Brewers!

–John and Cait (and the rest of the Brewers Staff at Miller Park)


I read the story last night….simply awesome! Casts a wonderful light on young people of today! Way to go, Chad!

Sarah was able to contact the “Mystery Man” according to an update from her blog! So glad to hear that the Brewers are interested in this story and inviting him back to a game “on them”!

such a cool story and what a kind gesture for this guy to go out his way for this child. People like him are one in a blue moon. Way to go Chad.

Very Awesome, I love the “small” town sports factor in all of this! The Brewers community and fans ROCK the house!

This story is amazing and hows the good that social media can do, and is such an awesome reminder to all that small acts of kindness go a long way. I am so happy that they have connected and that the Brewers are inviting them back for a proper Thank You!

This was such a great story..and I will share,I really hope they all will meet again.

This story was such a bright spot in an otherwise very dark world in baseball right now. A great reminder of what the game should mean to all fans of all ages. Maybe MLB should require ALL their players to read this story to remind them of how lucky they are to be playing this great American pastime!

@slkooiman is her Twitter handle

What a great story. I just listened to a radio segment where Gene Miller interviewed Sarah.

This story touched me in TWO important ways. 1. it was wonderful how Chad (?) helped and cared for that young boy; even going out of his way to help brighten his day, but ALSO, I would like to thank Sarah for taking the time to THANK Chad for doing so. Too many times we help someone else (in any way) and it goes unnoticed or unmentioned. I for one feel hurt when I help someone and they do not even reciprocate with a smile or a thank you! I do things for others because I want to help them and also because I hope if I need it someday, someone will be there to help me. I want nothing in return but a smile, a nod, a thank you, SOME kind of acknowledgement that what I did was appreciated. So Sarah, in my book, what YOU did in taking the time to say “thank you, and to try and find your “stranger”, is what made the biggest impression on me.

Hats off to John and Cait (and the rest of the Brewers Staff at Miller Park) for acknowledging this story. I am from Texas but through the internet an facebook saw this story and it touches my heart when an act of kindness is acknowledged. Usually these days you only hear about the bad things. THANK YOU AGAIN for making my day!

I love everything about this story. I read about it today in the Australian media and it genuinely gave me a spring in my step and made me feel better about the world…shame I’m not a big fan of baseball! Haha

Wow… what a cool story, and for those of you that think it is a minor event in this kid’s life let me tell you about two similar experiences I have had at Miller Park.

When my son was 2 and a half, a friend gave me some free tickets to a game. Thinking he was too young I was hesitant to bring him, but the price (free) was right. I figured we would go for 3-4 innings if I was lucky, and it would be a good introduction to the sport I love. To make a long story short, he was still interested in the eighth inning when the lady sitting next to him disappeared from her seat. She came back with a ball from the souvenir stand and presented it to my son with “Here is something to help you remember your first baseball game.”

In the second instance I had my son at a Brewers/Red Sox game. During batting practice we were watching from just above the bullpen. When the Boston players would shag a ball near where we were standing, my son (dressed in his Brewers hat) would put his glove above his head asking for the ball. A Red Sox player happened to see him, and the next time he got a ball he pointed at my son and lightly tossed it to him. A kid (and I use that term lightly because he already had the smell of beer on his breath) lunged in front of my son and attempted to grab the ball. He missed and it rolled back to the windows. When I asked what he was doing, he proceeded to inform me the player was pointing at him. As I was verbally unloading on him, a stranger retrieved the ball from the aisle and placed it in my son’s glove.

Now my son is 14 years old. Those two baseballs still come out to show people and help tell the stories of his first game, and why he happens to also like the Red Sox. Some of the best father/son time we enjoy is going to Miller Park and taking in a game. I can only hope that Sarah’s son has the same type of long lasting positive effect from his experience. As for the fans at Miller Park, Sarah’s story just reinforces what we already know. As a group you are the best!

Love, love, love this story! Made me cry. What a kind thing to do. It is great to be a Brewers fan!

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