A Letter To Brewers Fans From Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio

The following letter was sent to Brewers fans today by Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio:


July 30, 2013


Dear Brewers Fans:


This past week has been an admittedly difficult time for everyone who loves the Milwaukee Brewers, including our fans, our corporate and community partners, and employees.  We share your frustration and disappointment with the news of Ryan Braun’s suspension and the mistakes that Ryan has made. We want you to know that we take this matter very seriously.


We recognize that Ryan has many steps ahead of him to regain your trust and respect.  This process will take time, and the road to redemption for Ryan will not be easy.  Our responsibility as an organization is to help Ryan appreciate the difficult task ahead of him and to assist in the healing process.  At the same time, during this frustrating season, we want to reaffirm what the Brewers stand for as an organization.  We believe everyone at the Brewers is accountable to each of you every day, and it is a team effort to meet that responsibility.  We have an obligation to ensure that our players give maximum effort at all times.  We also remain committed to providing you with the best experience at Miller Park.  And we appreciate the tremendous loyalty and support you continue to demonstrate to the team. We never take your passion and our strong relationship with you for granted.


Starting this week, we will be introducing a series of initiatives to reaffirm our commitment to you and all of our fans throughout Wisconsin.  We know that these initiatives are not a substitute for success on the field, and our primary mission remains to have a perennially competitive team.  As we have previously stated, no single player defines the Milwaukee Brewers, and the success or failure of our organization is not tied to the performance or behavior of any single player.  Within the clubhouse walls reside many talented players who will be the centerpieces of what we hope are the next great Milwaukee Brewers teams. This abiding belief is reflected on the cover of our 2013 Media Guide where six players are pictured.  We have always maintained that any success the team experiences on the field is not possible without our fans, and we ask you to continue to be a part of the success of our organization.


We deeply appreciate your loyalty, patience, and understanding.  On behalf of the entire Brewers organization, you have my pledge that we will overcome these current challenges, and we will reward the best fans in baseball with a team that truly represents our community.


Go Brewers!


Mark Attanasio

Chairman and Principal Owner


Love the Brewers! Always have, always will! We are more than just Ryan Braun and we will persevere!!!

Thanks Mark!

Love the Brewers! Always have, always will! We are more than Ryan Braun and we will persevere!!!

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This is why I love this team and the entire organization.

Very nice and well appreciated. THANK YOU for all that YOU do for the BREWERS, Mr. Attanasio!!!!!!

This is well appreciated. THANK YOU for all that you do for the Brewers and Milwaukee, Mr Attanasio!!!!!

I see your a perfect man.

Until Braun is gone from the Brewers he will be a poison to the team. He needs to be sued for fraud and given his walking papers. As a life long Brewer fan I will not attend a game until he is gone.

I think you mean life long fair weather fan

Good…and don’t come back even after Braun is done playing for the Brewers

It has never been one person to make a TEAM. “GO BREWERS”!

Mark Attanansio is a class act. I have been a fan since I was a junior high kid in 1970, and will continue to support the team with Mark leading the Crew.

Braun made his mistakes, and many people will still like him you can not hold the Brewer’s responsible for his actions, and I myself will not stop supporting the Brewers with or without Braun!!!!!

As always Mr. Attanasio handles things with class. He is right. it’s time to stop focusing on Ryan Braun and remember the other amazing players on this team who help make Braun look good.

I agree…we forget that the Brewers are a team, NOT one person. I wish the Brewers only the best.
As for Braun…he needs to tap down the ego and accept and appreciate how lucky he was in getting only a 65 game suspension. Compared to A-Rod, Braun is looking like a saint.

Forever a Brewers fan – in good times and bad. Praying for Ryan to have the strength he needs to make it through this. We all make mistakes, we all need forgiveness, and we never feel complete until we learn to forgive other. I appreciate your letter Mark. It means a lot.

Very nice but not necessary. The Brewers team and organization is no way responsible for what Bruan did!! I’m a Brewers fan not a Braun fan!! Stand behind them all the way!

Brad then you were never a fan to begin with. Don’t let the back seat door hit you when you try to jump on the bandwagon again.

We have the best owner in baseball and arguably the best owner in sports. I doubt the Marlins, Cubs, White Sox, or Astros are doing this same type of promotion and their teams are just as bad this season!

Mark, I realize this must have been a difficult and thoughtful letter for you to write.
I do believe in your commitment to the Milwaukee Brewers and our community, and just want you to know that I, as a true Brewers fan, appreciate it!
Our family will continue to support the entire Brewers organization as we always have, through its “ups and downs”. We can all get through this together!
Thanks for all you do!

Thank you Mark and the Brewers organization. This truly does show how much you care for the team and the Brewers community.
I’m a die hard Brewer fan, surrounded by Tigers fans in the far north of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And it things like this, that make me wear my Brew Crew attire proudly. Even when I get ragged on from my friends for supporting a last place team.
Now and forever a Brewers fan. Go Crew.

Thank you, Mark. I know we will stay strong Brewers fans…go to Maryvale every year!

Thank-you Mark.I will support the Brewers.We are blessed to have the club an our beautiful Miller Park.

Thank you, for saying this it means a lot coming from the owner

Can’t wait for Brauns return. I’m still behind him and the Brewers. Miller Park is the place to be. Go Brew Crew!

In life, we all make mistajes, I try and be a forgiving person. Yes Brauny made a very big mistake, Many athletes have done worse and have been forgiven or at the very least their mistake was forgotten. Time will heal this wound. Braun is a talented player, and this is whenthe Brewers’ family needs to stick together and not jump ship. Loyal fans of the Brewers and baseball, as I consider myself, have the right to be upset, disappointted, frustrated, mad at Braun. Let’s all remember, Braun is human, and we all make mistakes, All I have to say is I am sticking with the Brewers as a loyal fan like I have been since 1978, and Braun is still welcomed as a Brewer and baseball player in my mind, even though I am still upset, I will forgive Braun, and not just because the Brewers may or may not need him.

We have been Brewer fans for 35 years and will continue to support the TEAM. Hopefully the organization will be united and stronger next year after facing this season’s obstacles and have a successful season. People who say they’ll never go to another game because of Braun’s lies aren’t the type of fans I want to sit near anyway.

Thank you Mark for your commitment to the Brewers and your positive outlook. When I was a kid (I was born in ’84), it didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, my dad always had the game on the radio. After Yount retired and Molitor was gone and then the strike shortly thereafter, there was some loss of interest for us. But about ten years ago I started following the club again and now I am a devoted listener to Ueker & Co. I shared the feelings most fans probably did when the news broke last week about Braun. I do however respect what you said about the fact that one player does not make up an entire team. I am a proud Brewers fan and look forward to many years of great baseball in the future and it feels good knowing the owner of the club has a good focus and is appreciative of the great fans Wisconsin has to offer.

Ryan is a part of a family and family supports those they love unconditionally. This does not mean we condone the action but we forgive and move on. We will continue to be a part of the Brewer fan base and we support Ryan as he learns a very hard lesson. @GBKane – we will gladly fill your seat while you do not attend.

My humble apologies to @GBKane as I had the wrong person. That should say “Brad” and if Brad is a season ticket holder we will gladly purchase the remainder of his tickets.

In professional sports, the good guys are exceptions, not the rule. Don’t get me wrong, they are probably a large minority, but they are the minority. So punishing the team for Braun’s conduct (“As a life long Brewer fan I will not attend a game until he is gone”), is pretty stupid on its face. Chances are that others on the team are douchebags as well (Gallardo’s OWI is minor, but points to something more than we know, and didn’t K-Rod get arrested for beating a woman?).

What we DO have is a good guy owner. And that is worth our loyalty. Mark seems to know Milwaukee and is definitely making the right moves from that sense.

Quit with the B.S. you guys knew that he was on the Juice. It is bad enough that Ryan Braun lied to us now the rest of the Organization follows his B.S. too. Ever since this Steroid Scandal crap started the owners and some of the players have been lying their ass off to us the fans and then just when the Owners/Organization and the and the players start worrying that the fans might turn their back on them they give us the fans some B.S. excuse letter or apology crap. Why can’t you guys just CUT THE CRAP OUT OF THE GAME COMPLETELY? Do you have any idea how many people you have hurt by doing this to the game? Let me tell you Older Men and Women who take their Grandchildren to the games and disabled children and adults who can’t play the game. Children who look up to you guys and DON’T DO DRUGS AND YOU IDIOTS WHO DO! There are many others who you have hurt poor children who have dreams and live in the ghetto who are surround by drugs all the days of their lives they look to you and what do you DO? Why to go IDIOTS!!!! CLEAN UP YOURSELVES OR GET OUT OF OUR GAME!!! Now cut the crap and clean the game up and do it NOW!!!! Stop lying to your customer the FANS who OWN the game!!!

I think most fans will respect the team, and it’s decisions due to the Braun. Also… When he comes back. If he stays clean, and the team gets to. 500 or makes playoffs, it will be forgiven. And to the people who say it won’t. Winning changes everything. Ray lewis, Bartolo colon. Dwayne wade. I can add more. But the point being. All the negative things they have done. Have been forgotten about, cause they have won. Or are winning. And if you say you won’t go to a game till said athletes ate kicked off team. That’s just plain immature, and ignorant.

I support Brewers , regardless of one mans actions, and have forgiven many , many players, almost all actually, however, never seen anyone lie as blatantly and throw so many friends under the bus along the way.. I will support the Brewers, but will never have nothing for Braun, taking him way too long fir a real apology to organization, teammates, fans ,friends…

There sure is a lot of hatred going on. Everyone has skeletons in there closets. Yea Braun made a bad mistake but get over it. He’s doing his time (65 games suspension ). When it’s over he deserves the same respect as any other human. He’s young and didn’t understand the consequences of his actions. Remember when Bill Clinton said he smoked pot in college but he didn’t inhale? There sure are a lot of Bill Clinton’s out there. Most of the raged people probably have secrets that make Ryan look like an angel. I can’t wait til he comes back to help us be a better team. He’s not playing for the money. He plays for the love of the game. Ricky Weeks and Corey Hart both make more money than him. Only thing I have to say is I’m sorry you made this mistake. Take care Hurry back and Go Brewers

Ryan Braun needs to go he is poison to the team and showed he doesn’t care about the team the city of Milwaukee or the fans when he held that press conference in Miller Park saying he was ” a victim” and threw an innocent man under the bus. This made the entire team look bad as well as the city of Milwaukee. He does not care about anyone except himself. Because you allowed all this to go down I beleive you owe a HUGE apology to Dino Laurenzi for the hell he went through with all this. I will be a Brewers fan for life and will still continue to go to games but I will NEVER be a Ryan Braun fan and hope you do the right thing and remove this cancer from the team

Let he among us who is without sin cast the first stone. We all have done things that we later regret, and I can’t hold Ryan to a higher standard than the rest of us, so if he shows by his actions that he understands and truly regrets his mistake, I’m going to stand with him and root for a good year next year, for the Brewers and Ryan. Thank you Mark and GO BREWERS.

I applaud the team’s handling of the Braun situation and the candid and open response of the owner. It is reassuring to know the team is committed to fielding a competitive team and has expressed it’s own disappointment over this season’s struggles. I am and always will be a Brewers fan. However, if I may, I’d like to express my total disappointment and frustration with the team’s public/community relations staff, in particular, one female administrator, whom I don’t recall by name. I contacted the team earlier this year in hopes of getting my son, SSgt. James Fligor (USAF) recognized for his exemplary and heroic life-saving efforts during a recent deployment to the Middle East. Efforts that lead my son to being selected as a regional American Red Cross Top Lifesaver of the Year award recipient. He was also instrumental in saving the USAF countless millions in potential losses, in his role as the crew chief of a fire department crash vehicle, in two separate incidents. All this was relayed to the administrator, whom I spoke to. The administrator showed little interest, but, she did say she would contact me the following day. Of course, that never happened. Perhaps my view of my son’s accomplishments is skewed, but, when I see other area service members being justifiably recognized by the Brewers organization, I’m left to wonder why my son’s accomplishments seem to have meant so little, in comparison to the others. My son grew up in Milwaukee, enlisted here and maintains state residency. I appreciate your time. Good luck to the entire Brewers organization.

Rick L. Fligor
(414) 248-1280

Mistakes are made. Imagine how all the haters would feel if ALL the corrupt in sports was public knowledge? People forgave Molitor and others for being addicted to cocaine back in the day. College sports would be non existent if we knew all the corruptness that goes on in recruiting. Imagine the face of music without “performance enhancing drugs”. Millions of seniors take HGH to live a comfortable life. Remember, that this is ENTERTAINMENT. Take it or leave it. I will always be a Brewers fan. Always have been and always will be. I will continue to wear my Braun shirts until he comes back. What Gallardo did, drunk driving, is way worse in my eyes. He could have killed someone. Keep this whole thing in perspective people. Thanks Mark for being a class act!! Go Brewers!!

Although this was a nice letter, it came from the wrong source. Why is Mr. Attanasio apologizing on Braun’s behalf. Braun should be apologizing, PUBLICLY, to the wonderful fans and the entire Brewers staff. I just don’t get how people who become celebrities (in any capacity), feel they can outright lie to the folks who have supported them. This brings to mind “I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN” quote from some years back. Lie to my face, you should be punished just like a child. I’m lookin’ for some real remorse, not excuses that “I made some mistakes”. Yep, you made some mistakes, and you should apologize to all. Who do you think you are?

Thank you for the letter, Mr Attanasio! While I’ll always support you as and the organization, as well as all the dedicated, hard working players, I believe it’s very sad and telling that we have yet to hear from Mr.Braun. I, like many, many others defended him over last year, on baseball websites, with my friends, and I am forced to deal and respond to them,as are you, yet still nothing from him. I truly enjoyed watching Braun play, and if he would have been honest & come clean I would have most likely fforgiving rather quickly, but now, I cant see that happening. I don’t believe his actions to be any reflection of the Brewers organization or you personally, and truly appreciate your words! I would rather watch the team that rallied for 5 late runs last night than a team with Mr.Braun at this point, although I understand that isn’t really an option. Its not even about the PED’s , but the blatant lying.. I wish you and the Brewers the best, and I will support the team & you as an amazing owner regardless, just frustrating.. but thank you.for your words!

My family and I believe in Ryan Braun and in the Brewers! The media has a way of making things bigger than what they are! By following all stories and releases on R.B. since it first began, we feel he was put in this bad situation by a bad man trying to save himself(biogenisis). I know that most PEDs are in every man,woman,child &pets lives whether they would admit it or not. 6 yrs ago almost all meds had a form of them in it. Also people are mislead that a plea deal =guilty, that isnt the case at all. We understsnd why he took it completely. By not taking it,would have only prolonged the stress and couldve took him into next season. I could go on and on but i wont. We will back the Brewers and Braun forever. Even after moving to the U.P. 4 years ago we still watch every game and since Fielder went to Tigers we still enjoy watching him also. It is how we spend our family time and has helped my son in so many ways. He is 14 and has a couple forms of autism. Your team will always be his idols and in a funny note; his dream is to be Bob Uecker. Thanks for giving us respect back! Lots of Love from The Yonkers

I hate to say it, because I wanted RB to be as innocent as you believe. But if he jumped at this plea deal (and note, he was the FIRST to jump at a plea deal), it says a whole lot of something. Consider what he’s given up – $3.5 million this year and maybe 2.5% of his career playing time, likely a whole lot of future money (after this contract expires, he will be tainted and his services will be paid at a slight discount – which could amount to a couple million per year – and despite his already huge salary by OUR standards, consider that he’s probably giving up close to $15-20 million. That hurts ANYONE), every endorsement deal he could hope to land, virtually any chance at entering the HOF, any chance of getting another MVP or any other award voted on by the writers, any shred of peacefulness (the only ones really gunning for him before were MLB and some writers. Now EVERYONE will be pissed at him), any hope of ever being a leader on any team… Shall I go on?

An innocent man does not give up the farm for a rumor – which, according to most accounts, is about the strength of the case against him in the Biogenesis scandal (at the least, MLB had a whole lot less on him than they did in the failed drug test).

You can still love the team without loving the man, and without loving the man, you can still support the player. As a sports fan, that might be the only way to keep any moral sanity.

Thank you….We can always keep the Brewers in our prayers…(Ryan Braun needs healing… not eviction)

One player does not make a team. I come to the ballpark to see good baseball – not just a player or the whole team – but for the whole experience. As a fan of minor league baseball also – love seeing the new talent. Give me good baseball and I’m a happy camper. See you at the park – “Play Ball” 🙂

You mention the fans in Wisconsin, and I understand they are the Brewers’ core base. But what about us fans outside of Wisconsin, some of us who spent a lot of time there but have had to move on? Please don’t forget about us.

I am a Milwaukee Baseball fan from the Braves to the Brewers and will stay a fan until I die. Thank you for the class act you are Mr.Attanasio. I am a full season ticket holder and have been for the last eight years and partial season before that. Ryan needs to heal and come back clean and we will be there. Don’t throw stones unless you’re perfect.

Mark A., don’t you have a clause or stipulation in Brauns’ contract that negates it under the current circumstances? If there is then it should be enforced. Those millions of millions of dollars would go a long way in fielding a REAL pennant contending team. Let’s bring in some free agent pitchers and a few power hitters with the saved monies.

Sorry Glenn but if Braun’s contract were voided he would then be free to sign anywhere he wanted. Some other team would still pay well for his services and then Milwaukee may end up playing against him. There are many bad personality traits out there among all groups of people. All you can do as a sports team is get the most talent you can and try to find a way to win with those players.

The Best owner in Baseball

Bravo, Mark Unpronounceable!
If only Mr Braun’s statement had been this genuine and truthful.

Thanks for that Mark! I will always support the crew, and its great to have such a passionate owner.

Nicely said!!!!! Go Brew Crew!!!!

to the person who says they will no longer support the team because ryan braun is still a Milwaukee brewer, sure you are entitled to your opinion but hes one player in the whole organization, why quit supporting the whole team because of him, im sure if anyone from the organization read that they are real disapointed

When you have millions invested in a player you know EVERYTHING about him. Trainers knew. Coach knew. Owner knew.

2 years ago every Brewer fan had a tickle in their no no zone for Braun. He is an amazing player, bottom line. Yeah so he juiced, who cares? I mean REALLY. Who cares? It makes the game more interesting. It puts small market clubs like the Brewers on the map. Don’t nail the same guy to the Cross who you all were praising just a few short years back. He wanted to be better. He wanted to bring a Series to Milwaukee for the first time in decades. It takes a lot more than a few needles to make that happen.

I think we are very fortunate to have Mr. Attanasio as the Brewers owner. He is a class act all around! He never ducks and hides when we have a bad season or something like this happens. He’s a stand up guy!!
As for Braun. He made a terrible mistake. He’s paying for it. Those of you who are degrading him would have us all believe you’re absolute angels! If you ask Brewer fans what they think of Paul Molitor, you’ll get nothing but praise and positive feedback! And from me as well! But remember, he admittedly was a chronic cocaine user. He fought his demons, conquered them, and had a successful, Hall-Of-Fame career! Ryan Braun will do the same!

I was and still am angry at Braun but I still love the Brewers and the game. As time passes wounds will heal and this is a lesson Braun is going to be forced to learn. I will forgive Braun and the Brewers will go on. Thanks to Mark and all the players like Lucroy, Gomez and Segura who play their asses off no matter what. Go Brewers!

Thank you, Mr. Attanasio. We (speaking for myself) appreciate your addressing the current situation, and as a loyal fan of the Brewers, I’ll continue to hope for “better years to come”. As for this year, it’s certainly not over…each game is of great entertainment to me. We won’t be winning the pennant this year (likely) but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be pulling for my beloved Brewers each time they take the field. There is a LOT of talent in the organization, and it’s a pleasure to watch them work!

If they make a jersey with “Attanasio” on it, I’ll buy it!

Thanks for your update, As with any sport you have your ups and downs, but if your a true fan you will stand behind them.. I do, Go Brewers Go

Yes, I’ll forgive Ryan, I’ll hope he is accountable if even by a SINCERE apology…mostly just for the lies. I love the ENTIRE team…I support my Crew…and fan appreciation perks or not (nice gesture)…I’m still on board…The Crew is Family and I support, forgive and love my baseball family.

There have been many mistakes made by these baseball “elites”. RB’s mistake was not so much as taking the juice, as much as the arrogance of his denial when the tests were flawed, lying to the organization, teamates and friends outside baseball. No, RB will never regain my respect. As much as I dislike the way the Brewers continue to put up with the likes of Weeks, I think any further backing of RB is inexcusable. He will be a cancer to this team as long as he is on it.
Mr. Anastatia, you are a class act, and I know you are trying to put a good product out there, You have good product without RB. He has $117M left on his contract, where is the penalty. Don’t apologize for him, dump him. We moved on without Fielder, that hurt worse, but RB is no good. My respect to you for prying the Brewers away from Selig, and I know you are between a rock and a hard place but I see no use in a continuing relationship with RB.
if they welcome him back it will say more about the fans than the Brewers. I love baseball and am a purest and I thank you for keeping the Brewers in Milwaukee, keep them clean and one day they will fear the Crew coming to the opponents parks.

Thank you Mr. Attanasio. You are the best owner in MLB and I believe you are genuine. But if we want to leave a mark and take a stand…then Braun should be let go. Let the world know that the Brewers do not stand for cheating and lying.
We appreciate your leadership.

Thanks,Let the first person out there who never made a mistake or told a lie ,no matter how small cast the first stone. people seem to have forgotten how much Ryan has done for the Community.Braun deserves a second chance.

I guess that means that Braun will not grace the cover of the 2014 Brewers Media Guide. Be nice if Prince Fielder would have had a chance to be on it!

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