Fans Eat Free for All August Games at Miller Park

Fans should plan to bring their appetite for baseball, food and drinks to upcoming games at Miller Park because for the month of August, the Brewers are treating.

Milwaukee Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio today announced what could be a first in all of Major League sports – all fans attending any of the 12 Brewers home games in August will receive a $10 voucher for free concessions, merchandise and game tickets at Miller Park.

Brewers Fans Eat Free 2013

“This has been a challenging season for all of us, but the one thing that has never wavered has been the tremendous support we have received from fans who love the Brewers,” Attanasio said today. “We wanted to do something meaningful to show our appreciation, and we will strive to provide the best fan experience possible.”

Here are the details: Every ticketed fan coming through the turnstiles in August will receive a voucher good for $10 that can be used for food, beverage, merchandise and tickets sold at nearly every outlet (only excluding Friday’s Front Row, portable merchandise stands, Miller Park Suites, the Johnson Controls Stadium Club and All-Inclusive entertaining areas). Vouchers may be combined (meaning that fans attending with friends and family members, or those attending multiple games, can combine the vouchers for larger purchases) and used at any remaining 2013 home game. The vouchers can also be used toward the purchase of game tickets this season.

“The deadline is the end of the season to use the vouchers,” said Rick Schlesinger, Brewers Chief Operating Officer.  “If you get them in August, you can use them at the game you are attending or if you are coming back to another game you can use them at another game, basically all the way to the end of the season.  You will get the voucher at the gate and go to a concession stand or merchandise store or ticket window.”

With attendance expected to average over 30,000 per game in August, the Brewers expect to distribute more than $3.6 million worth of vouchers.

“Different teams have done different things for their venues and fan base,” Schlesinger added.  “We have not found anyone who has done something this dramatic.  This is a lot of money to give back to the fans.  It’s a lot of food, beverage, beer, merchandise and ticket discounts absorbed by this voucher.  We haven’t seen another team do this for an entire month, let alone a busy month.  When Mark first challenged us to come up with something and proposed this concept, my initial reaction was we do something in September because it’s the end of the season and obviously from a financial perspective, its smaller crowds.  But Mark said no, and wanted to do something a little more dramatic and with more impact.  The best way to do that is do it in August when we have bigger crowds and has the benefit of being immediate.”

This is the first in a series of special fan appreciation initiatives that the Brewers will unveil during the final two months of the season under an umbrella program known as “Fans First.” Additional details of “Fans First” events will be announced throughout August and September.



It sounds like we can only use these vouchers at the stadium, and not for online merchandise purchases?

Nice offer. And even better it’ll probably only cost the team under $500k because of how much profit there is on concessions and merch at the stadium. Well played, Mark & team.

This is great, thank you brewers

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Mark Attanasio and his management team are the best in all of baseball. This is a meaningful way to encourage the fans to keep coming. Most of us would anyway, but the significance of reaching out to the fans cannot be overestimated. Bravo!!


$3.6 Million? Isn’t that just a little north of what Braun isn’t making due to his suspension? At least Mark A and co. aren’t pocketing that. Kudos!

What about the fans that have september tickets?

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