Brewers Statement on the Passing of George Scott


The Milwaukee Brewers issued the following statement today on the passing of George Scott:

“This is very sad for all of us connected to the Brewers. George Scott was charismatic, an early star of the team and one of the finest defensive players in the game. ‘Boomer’—as he was affectionately known to fans—will be remembered as a colorful player on and off the field and his five Gold Glove Awards as a Brewer are an accomplishment that will be difficult to top. The entire Brewers community wishes to express their condolences to the Scott family.”

Scott, played in the Majors from 1966 – 1979 and with the Brewers from 1972 – 1976. Five of his eight career Gold Gloves came as a Brewers first baseman including in 1975 when he led the American League with 36 “taters” (a term for home run that he coined and is now a part of everyday baseball language) and 109 RBI. For his 14-year career, he hit .268 with 271 home runs and 1,051 RBI.

Scott was born on March 23, 1944 in Greenville, Miss.


–John and Cait

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He and his “taters” are sincerely missed, what a guy, rest well my friend.

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