Cait’s A-to-Z Guide for Tuesday’s Paul McCartney Concert at Miller Park

On Tuesday, Paul McCartney will make his first visit to Miller Park with his 2013 “Out There” tour, featuring brand new, never before seen production and, as ever, hours of material from the most beloved catalog in popular music, with Paul performing songs spanning his entire career–as a solo artist, member of Wings and of course The Beatles.

As of Friday afternoon, here's the progress on the setup for the McCartney show at Miller Park.

As of Friday afternoon, here’s the progress on the setup for the McCartney show at Miller Park.

As of Monday afternoon, here is what Miller Park looks like as it prepares for Sir Paul.

As of Monday afternoon, here is what Miller Park looks like as it prepares for Sir Paul.

So what do you need to know to have a fun and enjoyable experience? Read on for our A to Z guide.

Paul McCartney Miller Park

Cait’s A-to-Z Guide to the “Out There” Concert at Miller Park


Binoculars are fine to bring to the show.

You may also bring your camera, but lenses cannot be longer than a driver’s license. Want to share your photos with us? Use #OutThereMKE on Twitter and Instagram and we may feature our favorites on the blog!

Video cameras are not permitted.


Consistent with our game-day carry-in policy, fans may not bring any cans, glass containers or alcohol into Miller Park. Soda, water or juice must be in factory-sealed plastic bottles. Fans may bring food items into the stadium using appropriate containers, but only food purchased within Miller Park will be allowed into Suite areas.

Bags, purses, fanny packs or soft-sided coolers must be 16 by 16 by 8 inches or smaller and will be searched.

Hard-sided coolers are not allowed in the ballpark.


Anyone who has seats on the floor will need to obtain a wristband to access their seating area.

We recommend allowing yourself enough time to get your wristband and get to your seat in time for the show. Wristband stations will be set up near outside near the pedestrian bridge and near the Home Plate Gate on the Miller Park Plaza from the time the lots open (4:30 p.m.) until approximately 5:30 p.m. and inside on the Field Level concourse behind Big B’s Diner near section 126, at the top of sections 110 and 118 and inside of the Hot Corner Gate near the Walls of Honor, beginning when gates open (6 p.m.)


Gates to the ballpark will open at 6 p.m. The concert is scheduled to start at 8 p.m.


Parking lots will open at 4:30 p.m. Advance parking is available for $25 until Monday, July 15 at the Miller Park Ticket Office. Parking is $30 day-of-show. These fees apply to all vehicles with the exception of buses. Please note: Advance parking means securing your space early and saving $5; it does not permit you “advance” entry into the park.

For directions and a map of the lots, please click here.


Buses  7/15 Update: Due to a high number of requests, MCTS will be running Route 90 service to Miller Park for concert. Route 90 will operate every 10-15 minutes starting two hours before the concert (approximately 6:00 pm) and will continue to run for a half hour after the concert ends. For more details, click here.

Shuttles For the Kenny Chesney concert, several local pubs/establishments offered shuttle service. We do not have a list, so I suggest checking with your favorites for more information.

Special Needs Drop-Off There is a Special Needs Drop-Off area; please view the map for directions.

Taxi Cabs Taxis may drop off and pick up using the transit area located outside Helfaer Field.

For directions and a map of the lots, please click here.



Guests may not exit and re-enter Miller Park using the same ticket. However, in case of emergency, exceptions may apply. Please ask staff for assistance.


The roof status is always a big question folks have when we host games or events here. Right now, however, that’s still TBD. As you know, in Wisconsin, the weather can change quickly, but we’ll do our best to keep you updated closer to the show. Be sure to follow us on Twitter ( @Brewers ) for the most up-to-date information. Open or closed, one thing is for sure–Miller Park will be rockin’!

7/16/13 Noon Update: I just heard from Senior Director of Stadium Operations, Bob Hallas, who has informed me that as of right now, it look s like the roof will be OPEN for tonight’s show!


The parking lots at Miller Park will open at 4:30 p.m. and, just like at Brewers games, tailgating is permitted. Keep in mind that gates to the ballpark will open at 6 p.m. and the concert is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. More than 100 portable toilets will be available in the Miller Park parking lots.


Please check for ticket availability.


For information on freeway traffic and closures, please visit


7/15/13 Update: I just checked and, as of noon on Monday, here’s what they are saying we can expect for tomorrow:



Picking your tickets up at Will Call? Brewers Ticket Office Will Call is located behind home plate near the Clock Tower.  Tickets will be released with proper photo identification only.

And there you have it–all you need to know before next Tuesday’s concert!

Are you coming to the concert? Let me know how you’re getting in the mood.

Also, don’t forget to share your photos with us using #OutThereMKE on Twitter and Instagram– We may feature our favorites on the blog!

Have a FABulous time!



The Paul McCartney show in Ottawa was amazing. He played for three hours.

I don’t know about that weather report. I heard highs in the 90’s.

Seriously, $30 for parking??? Yeesh! :-/

I paid $25 for preferred parking back when tix went on sale. I was able to get pre-sale tix due to having an AMEX card.❤

Thanks for the update, only pointed it out since we’re going and it made me do a double take.


Go Brew Crew.

Thanks, Travis. I appreciate it.🙂

I can’t wait. From St. Louis – no Paul McCartney here – but our best friends live in Milwaukee. We get to hang with our friends AND they bought P McCartney tix for Tuesday. Thanks Bill & Karen, your generosity is amazing. We love you, Kim & Pat

Nothing like price gouging for parking – that’s just insane and UNNECESSARY!

Does anyone know if there’s a benefit to having Club seats for the Paul McCartney concert at Miller Park? Thanks.

The Club Level is a private level accessible only by those seated on the level. It is also climate controlled, has a bar/lounge area and additional concession options.

Any club seats still available? I fear I will pass out in the heat on the field. I will gladly trade field seats for club-

Please call 414-902-4000.

Or buy them…

What about public transportation for this game? Are the buses going to be running? Any shuttles?

I checked with MCTS and they said they are not doing shuttlebusses…sorry

What about public transportation options? Are the buses going to be running?

Many of the local bar shuttles will be running as they do on game days, but you will want to check with the bar first to make sure.

Regarding buses, please check with MCTS for updates on routes as some routes did not run for the Chesney concert.

Tix and parking are expensive – but I’ll pay anything. Been waiting to see Paul McCartney since I sang ‘we love you Beatles, oh yes we do’ as a little girl! Check this off my bucket list.

I am so excited to see him, my niece saw him at Bonaroo and said it was wonderful!
I don’t care how much the parking cost, it’s Paul McCartney for pete’s sake!!!!

I’ve never been to a concert at Miller Park before. Are all the usual food and locations open inside?

Most of them will be, yes!

The parking fee is outrageous.

Yes! I am so ready for this concert! Made a sign as we are up close on the field!
Thanks for all the info

Hi Barb,

There is no policy against signs, just be courteous to those around you!

Thank you for the update/info. I am seriously excited and can not wait!

Parking on game day is only 10-15 dollars! This is insane. I could see it in Chicago, but even they have public transportation!!

Paul, we are traveling from Minnesota. I am a mom with a 15 year old daughter Tina Mary and a son who is 11 years named John. I wish we could afford better than obstructed view seats. But even drive so far, just to hear you, is ok. After all, what is better than the beautiful voice of Paul.
PS my personal favorite of yours and wings, thats on youtube is Jet. wow, you looking good as always.

What’s the reason for the high parking rates?

Can parking be purchased in advance – online -?

Not unless you are purchasing a ticket at the same time.

im so excited for this concert…… thanks for all the info…..

So we’ll complain about parking, but not the price of beer or a ticket to the concert? Weird.

does anyone know what bars on the east side are having shuttles? thanks!

Is there a taxi stand outside the stadium to get back to downtown Milwaukee?

Yes, the transit turnaround is by Helfaer Field.

I’m sitting behind home plate, 9th row at Miller Park. Are they going to take down the fence behind the plate, so it’s not an obstructed view?

Yes, the netting will be down.

Is it possible to take a coach USA buss to Miller Park for the concert. I live near Delafield.

I’m not sure what you are asking but we do have bus parking.

Coach USA ran a shuttle bus from the Delafield park & ride to summerfest. I was wondering a shuttle would be available from Delafield for the concert on Tuesday.


Not that we have set up, you would have to check with Coach.

Can we be dropped off at a gate for this concert or do you have to drive and park? If we can be dropped off, is there a better place to be dropped off and picked up from?

There is a special needs drop-off area on the first-base side of the building. Enter via Miller Park Way or Canal Street.

By “special needs”, do you mean just for handicapped persons or can anyone be dropped off at this location?

Dumped the email since I didn’t know the user name. Duh! Was it just an auto reply or an answer to my question about being dropped off and what gate to use?

I saw there were complaints about alcohol sales being shut down really early during the Kenny Chesney concert.

Please let us know what time will alcohol sales be suspended for this show. Thanks!

Unsure at this time. Thanks.

Parking lots open at 4:30, but we were told to arrive at 3:45 for a VIP reception. Will we be able to enter the lots that early or at a special gate?

VIPs should have received a special map and directions. If you did not, please call (414) 902-4000.

I wanted to buy the VIP ticket (bonus concert and backstage priceless).

its not 1985 people that”s why parking is so hi-hi-hi and maybe i”m amazed people complain and are still going, hey its just another day at the ballpark,once paul starts singing everything else will be forgottenso let it be -hey jude cause this concert will be something

I’m only 4’11, and someone bought our tickets to be on the field. Can I carry in a small step to stand on?

I’m only 5’3″ and I was fine with seats on the field for the Chesney concert. The stage will be so massive that you should be fine!

I’m 5’2″ and that’s why I bought a seat in section 123 (field infield box). I wanted to make sure I could see everything. I can’t wait until Tuesday.

Any special shoes (heels) required for field seating?

I went to the Kenny Chesney show in boots with a heel and they were a tad slippery on the Teraplast. I recommend wearing flats if you can, but if not, you should be fine.

I saw that some seats on the field are flagged with “has chair back.” Does this mean that some are bench seats? Any way I can find out if our seats have backs or not?

All Field seats are folding chairs so they have backs.

$30.00 for parking is NUTS! Is there a Bus going? I am Handicapped and use a wheel chair. Where do we go into the NEW stadium?

Regarding buses, please check with MCTS on routes. Otherwise, you can enter anywhere in the Stadium.

Will they restrict beer sales in the family sections?

There are no family sections for the event.

IS there handicapped parking if so do I need to get there early?

Yes there is Handicap parking.

I’m coming in on crutches with a Handicap pkg tag. where do I park and we are sitting in the loge left field side. Where can I put my crutches during the show?

There are designated Handicap parking areas. Please call (414) 902-4000 with questions. Handicapped can enter anywhere in the stadium.

I was one of the people who commented about the high parking rates but really don’t care as it’s Paul McCartney. However, if we don’t say something they will continue to do this for other venues. We needed to let Miller Park know how we feel.
CAN’T WAIT FOR TUESDAY!!!! I’ve loved the Beatles since I was a little girl. Does anyone remember them staying at the Holiday Inn on 19th Wisconsin – when John came out and waved at the crowd? An image burned in my memory FOREVER!

Is all the parking general or is there preferred parking like they do at Brewer games?

This is a lie!!!!! I got preferred parking when I bought my tickets! $25.I read that you can still get preferred parking up til Monday!!!

Hi Steve and Clark, If you have more questions on parking, please call (414) 902-4000. We are not differentiating between general and preferred for the show; the two prices are $25 in advance and $30 day of show. Thanks.

My parking ticket distinctly says “preferred” on it.

What is the difference in Floor and Field Seats and how many rows are in the front A, B, C, sections?

For a 8pm start! What time should we get to Miller Park?

That’s your call, but the actual concert won’t start right at 8:00. He has a ~40 minute preshow with a DJ mixing his songs and a video montage. e.g.

I LOVE Paul and this is my first time I am seeing him in concert. A dream finally coming true! Paul is so amazing and so nice. I know his concert will be the BEST EVER! He is worth any ticket or parking price! LOVE U FOREVER!!!

Some friends at the Kenny Chensey concert said the sound system was bad for those sitting high up…like me. Has that been fixed?

Musical acts bring their own sound system. Expect Sir Paul to have the best there is!

The artists will perform sound checks and aim for the best experience possible. If you are having issues in your particular seating area, please contact Guest Relations ASAP and we will do our best to resolve.

Can you bike in, is there a place to park bicycles?

Yes, just like at a regular Brewers game, there will be bike racks.

When I rec’d notice that A.Express was pre-selling tickets; I knew “we” had to go… I’m seeing one of the greatest artists of our time with my BEST friend/sister Linda. WE couldn’t be MORE excited & parking for $30 doesn’t matter… It will be an experience of a lifetime & we’ll be able to say we saw “HIM/P.M.” perform. That’s worth more than money… & sharing it with my fabulous/awesome/beautiful sister–WOW, I’m so lucky!!

We’re coming from out of town. Got our tix early, but didn’t purchase advance parking. Is advance parking only available for purchase at the Miller Park ticket office…. or is there some way of purchasing it online? Thanks~!

Only at the ticket office, sorry.

Thanks much for your quick reply~. 🙂

is the Fridays open for dinner before the concert? Do they take reservations?

Please contact Fridays at (414)902-4201.

Got my ticket through a cousin. Get to see the concert on my 50th birthday – can’t wait!

I thought the gates would open early for advanced parking. I know I read this when we were purchasing tickets. That is why we bought them. I have wondered what we will do from 1pm until the stadium opens.

Advance parking just means purchasing it in advance to guarantee a spot/save.

Can you bring in a small camcorder? Probably not but just checking because
I remember for Farm Aid at Miller Park it was OK.

We will not permit videotaping of the show.

Have a question? Sec 119 says obstructed no view. I’m guessing that is right behind the stage and we won’t be able to see Paul at all?

Sections 116-119 are obstructed due to the mix platform. Please call (414) 902-4000 for specific questions.

I am also guessing stage is in center field. So how are Sec 119 obstructed view?

Are advanced parking tickets available until the ticket office closes tomorrow (Mon) at 7 pm?

Please call (414) 902-4000.

Wonder if t-shirts/tanks available to buy and price.

There will be merchandise available, you will have to check it out at the show.

Re: Camera lens
WI DL is 3 3/8″
My lens is 3 5/8″
Is this a leave at home camera because of my lens?

That’s fine, we won’t be measuring exactly. We just do not want any that are the professional type (really long).

If you didn’t purchase parking in advance, do you recommend a particular time to arrive by to insure there is space available still?

There should be parking available. Allow yourself plenty of time to get in the show as there are no opening acts.

There is no opening act, but on most shows on this tour Paul has hit the stage between 8:30 and 9.

Is there bicycle parking available? I live pretty close to Miller Park and can get there by bike in about 10 minutes.

Yes, just like at games.

Is is likely to still reserve parking at Miller Park for the McCartney concert?

Our tickets are at Will Call. When can we pick them up? Monday?

It depends on how your tickets were ordered. Please call (414) 902-4000 to check.

My fourth time seeing Paul. I’m amazed that at 71 he is still able to put on such a great and long show. I am hoping that TGIFridays will be open and that parking won’t be a hassle.

How can I tell if my tickets are on the field and I need to get a wrist band. What sections are field seating?

Any idea of how the mosquitos are in the park?? Do they spray? Do we need to prepare?

We have had some in here, personally I do not think they are bad, but it depends on how sensitive people are.

Have you ever gone to a concert/play in Chicago? $30 is la deal!

Are purses restricted? My mom wants to know. The Kohl’s Center in Madison limits the size—which is super annoying for “real women.”

Please check under “Carry In” above.

OK, that’s plenty big. Didn’t see that the first read through. Thanks!

Got my parking ($25) and club level seats (glad to see they are climate controlled-may be a little hot and humid tomorrow night) and ready to GO! 1st time seeing Paul McCartney or any Beatle so I’m excited and thrilled for tomorrow night! Recently his live concert DVD from 2006 and had tears in my eyes, I knew I had to see him and now it’s almost here, it’s going to be AWESOME!

My husband wants to drop off my son and I at the stadium and pick us up afterwards. Will this work and if so anything we need to know?

You will want to use the Special Needs Drop-Off.

Are Taxi’s easily available after the concert?

They should be, just like at a game.

where is the Special Needs Drop-off?

Will I have any problem if I bring binoculars. They are 7 by 25 Bushmell.

Sent from my iPhone

That’s fine.

Do you know if there will be tailgate attractions like music, food or displays.

Sent from my iPhone

No, fans coming to games usually make their own attractions–bringing their own food, music, etc.

Is there any benefit to buying the advanced parking other than the $5 price difference? Will everyone have to wait in the same line to get in the parking lot or will advanced holders be parking somewhere else?

The advantage is the $5 savings and guaranteeing a space.

Thanks for this very helpful and useful blog! Well done.

Don’t waste your time driving early to miller park to buy early parking tickets they were $26.50 with the service charge so not worth the nominal savings. Also there are shuttle busses running from the bars on Bluemound like Burkes Irish Castle and Slim McGinns, etc. I’m excited to go with my mom (who originally saw the Beatles in the 60s and my 8 year old daughter who is a huge fan)! it’s a family affair🙂

Will there be motorcycle parking and if so will there be a price difference?

Yes. All parking is the same rate except for buses.

I have some health issues
And humidity/heat may be a problem for me. Is there medical personnel if I need it?

What types of food will be available for purchase inside Miller Field? Is it better to tailgate? Are there any nearby carryout or fast food places where we can buy food to eat as tailgaters?

Many of Miller Park’s regular concessions will be open for the show.

Can we bring an umbrella to be protect from the daytime sun?

For re entry: “However, in case of emergency, exceptions many apply” – looks like a rogue n slipped into “may”😉 Looking forward to the concert!

binoculars allowed ?

is there handicapped parking ? What is the price ?

Yes, same price.

Going with a group of 6! Are the table seats at Friday’s going to be obstructed view? Thanks in advance!

You will need to call Friday’s!

What about motorcycle parking? Is that a different rate?

just saw it…f’ing outrageous!

Are you saying all of 116 is obstructed? No mention was made when purchased.

Please call (414) 902-4000.

Does Miller Park close the roof only for inclement weather or would they close it if it continues to be oppressively hot and humid too. We don’t want to pass out!

There is no AC at Miller Park? This is crazy- with all the people coming, expect health related problems in the 100 degree heat! We have seats on the field- wish I had known the club level was air conditioned!!

can I bring in binoculars?

My sister and I lived The Beatles in the ’60s. Dad stayed up with us until dawn while we watched multiple showings of ‘Help’ at the drive-inn. We finally were able to see Paul (barely) from the very very last row of the Citrus Bowl in Orlando about 15 years ago. We’re on the field in Milwaukee tonight…. Oh, Baby!

I heard concerns on the radio this morning about the possibility of running out of parking. What would be alternatives to that situation?

Just make sure you arrive early. You should be fine.

Where will the “Will Call (for tickets) Window” be located?
Thank you,
Chris Wood

Will Call is where normal Will Call is located for Brewers games–near the home plate gate to Miller Park.

I would be feeling pretty sick right now if I hadn’t gotten tickets pretty much right away to be going to this concert. I’ve never had this kind of chance before and my 30-something kids will be with me. I taught them to love the Beatles as soon as they could stand up to dance and love it! This will culminate into the ultimate concert experience for me and that’s saying a lot because I have been to many, many, concerts. Can’t wait! Just trying to relax until we get there!

Saw the comment about camcorders not being allowed. What’s the difference if a camera or cell phone is used to record video? I also have a small Sony I’d like to bring. What happens if something is confiscated? Will it be returned to the owner?

Cell phones are okay, but leave the actual camcorder at home.

Ticketmaster says no cameras and no outside food allowed. Your blog says both of these are allowed. What’s the real deal? Thanks.

camera are at the discretion of the artist…I have been to a lot of concerts lately and almost always the artist are of with non-professional camera…I have never had a problem. Beside are the going to confiscate 30,000 smart phones???

The Miller Park policies apply in this case.

if a shuttle or city bus is taken, they must be available after the show also and how late?

Please contact MCTS or the shuttle for details as they may vary.

Is there anyway to know if the dome will be closed tonight?

$30. sounds like a lot but in the scheme of things…. $650. for a Rolling Stones ticket FACE VALUE! or a friend of nine went to Bon Jovi at Soldier Field the other day and they were charge $49.00 to park….. And we’re seeing Sir Paul🙂

Wow, there is a lot of exciting chatter going on! It is too hot for tailgating, but I’d like to enjoy the atmosphere. What sit down restaurants are there in Miller Park & how difficult will they be to get in to? I’ve seen Paul 4 times recently and it is ALWAYS AWESOME. The new band is fantastic.

TGI Friday’s is the only sitdown restaurant open for the show. You’ll need to call them at (414) 902-4201 to check availability. Thanks!

Will a small tri-pod be allowed in. It is approx.14 inches collapsed and no more than 4-5 inches around. I just extend 1 leg of it to help steady photos taken with my I-phone or a small pocket digital camera.(this is not elaborate photo equipment)

The rules for the concert are the same as for ball games.

I’m dropping off people who do not have special needs (but one of them has a bad knee)…where is a good place to do that?

With the extreme heat today, is it possible they will close the roof(he asks with fingers crossed)?

We are hoping to have it open–the Stadium is not air-conditioned, so you should want it to be open.

I heard there are restaurants that are offering shuttles to the field after a dinner is purchased. Do you know which restaurants?

You mention getting to the parking lot “early”…can you tell me what you think is a smart time to be at the parking lot to get a spot?

The lots open at 4:30p. Gates open at 6p.

You say arrive early, what does that mean? What time will a line form for parking or maybe it already has?

The lots open at 4:30 and gates open at 6. I would not recommend waiting until too close to the show, but if you arrive near the time lots open, that would be considered early in my best estimation.

Can i come and get the wristbands outside without having to pay for parking?

If you take the bus or get dropped off.

Parking in Chicago for Bonjovie and Pearl Jam was and is $50. buks so much cheeper in Milwaukee .

I am dropping off people who do not have special needs (but one has a bad knee). What is the best place to drop them off without going into one of the parking lots.

oops! sorry…you already answered this…guess I’m getting caught up in the excitement!

Parking opens at 4:30 what do you suggest to arrive early?

Do you think paying cash for parking will be a problem tonite?

No, should be fine!

I saw a question about TGIFRIDAYS-I called hoping that I could make a reservation-first come, first serve, unfortunately! Can’t decide if it’s worth taking the chance to try to eat there or not but we should be at the park by 5:30, so will see.

Bringing food in – what are the ‘Suite areas’ where this is not permitted?

The luxury boxes.

Do they allowing people to standing in the concourse areas? Was thinking of getting 2 singles and just stand at the back of sections, similar to a Brewers game?

Call 414-902-4000 for specifics.

Parking is too high, sound in the upper deck will be bad. Traffic will suck and I’m sure all meat products at concessions will be ToFu. Enjoy the show and the sauna you are about to enter. Saw McCartney at old County Stadium show. Pretty sure the set list hasn’t changed since.

Your an idiot James. Paul put on a wonderful show and the set list was very different. Also the concession stands sold the same food they always do. So please don’t be a hater if you forgot to buy a ticket.

This was my 3rd Paul concert. A tear still ran down my cheek when he started his concert! 71 and that man still performs so wonderful! And he can still fill out a pair of jeans! Few flaws – the 47 minute wait to open the doors, HUMIDITY, and a few people that came down from cheaper seats to stand in aisles to block our view right during ‘Live and Let Die’. Otherwise, I am so privileged to experience musical history!!! Thank you Sir Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul was absolutely fabulous. Getting in to the concert was a total nightmare. Miller Park was totally, inexcusably unprepared. This was a record capacity crowd and they were less organized for the traffic than for a typical ball game. It took over an hour and a half to get close enough to be dropped off, not park, just be dropped off near, not at an entrance, not a particular entrance, just the first one we came to. And as we entered we saw that traffic was still backed up onto the expressway. Totally disgraceful!

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this wonderful piece of writing at here.

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