Brewers and Milwaukee Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Famous Racing Sausages

Twenty years ago today, on a Sunday afternoon at Milwaukee County Stadium, the Famous Racing Sausages ran their first ever live race.  Today, the Milwaukee Brewers celebrated that historic event with a number of activities surrounding their game with the Chicago Cubs.

The day kicked off with a free breakfast at Bartolotta’s Northpoint Custard Stand on Milwaukee’s lakefront.  Brewers fans were out bright and early for their free sandwich, commemorative t-shirt and to congratulate The Sausages on 20 fun years of racing.  The weather cooperated and we had a beautiful event.

There was a sizable crowd waiting in line at 5:15 a.m. when I arrived and the 250 sandwiches and t-shirts were gone in just over an hour.  Everyone from people decked out in Brewers gear, curious joggers out for a morning run and people in suits off to work for the day stopped by to partake in the fun.

Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger and Michael Dillon of McDill Design–and the one who created the original costumes and won the first race–were on hand along with representatives from Klement’s.

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The event continued at Miller Park with a special pregame ceremony.  Video of the first sausage race in 1993 (shown below) played on the Miller Park scoreboard.  It was very interesting watching video from the County Stadium scoreboard on Miller Park’s HD super screen!

After fans enjoyed the video, a special ceremonial, pregame race took place.  The race itself included the original three sausages–The Bratwurst, The Polish and The Italian–with the two others–The Hot Dog and The Chorizo–holding the finish line.  The winner of the special race today? History repeated itself and The Bratwurst crossed the line first.

Following the race, Dillon tossed out a ceremonial first pitch along with representatives from Klement’s.  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett issued a Mayoral Proclamation, calling today “Famous Racing Sausage Day” throughout the city to honor the 20 years of live races.  The Bratwurst even visited Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder in the Brewers FS Wisconsin broadcast booth during the game.

The winner of the “real” race in the 6th inning was The Hot Dog.  Some close racing around home plate forced The Italian down to the ground.  He got up quickly and finished the race.

Thank you to our friends at Klement’s, McDill Design and Bartolotta’s Restaurants for all of their help in making this a successful and fun event.

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I have one extra media kit from the media drops we did to promote today’s event.  It includes one of the limited edition t-shirts as well as a plush doll of the Bratwurst–the first ever winner of the live race.

A fabulous prize for any Brewers fan!

A fabulous prize for any Brewers fan!

To win this prize, please answer the following trivia question in the comments section below:

In 2007, The Chorizo officially joined the race as a full-time racer.  How many races did he win that year?

I will send that package to the first person to correctly answer that question in the comments section below.  Good luck!




16 wins in 2007.

he didnt win any in 2007?



Chorizo won 18 in 2007


Chorizo won 18 races in 2007


Chorizo won 18 races in 2007.







He won 18 in 2007.




17 wins






16 is the correct answer.

18 races



Chorizo won 18 races in 2007.

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Was the trivia prize awarded?

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