We’re Number One (Again)… Because of YOU!

We just received some terrific news–John and Cait… Plus 9  was the top MLB Pro Blog for the second month in a row!

April was a great month for us and and we carried that into a strong May here on the blog. This is a great honor as we are always competing with a number of awesome blogs across the MLBlogs platform. Great new photo blogs like the SF Giants Photos Blog and Dodgers Photo Blog are tough to beat.  Other front office insider blogs like Jamie Ramsey’s Better Off Red and the Mariners From the Corner of Edgar and Dave  continue to provide us with inspiration for JCP9.

But really, it’s all thanks to you–our readers!

It was a busy May for us and we hope to continue to be the place for an inside look at the Brewers. We would not be number one without our readers, so to celebrate, we thought we’d do another fun giveaway with trivia related to the blog.

The first person to answer the following questions in the comment field below will win a prize package consisting of:

JCP9 Prize May

Ready? Here’s what you need to answer–three questions designed for you to go back through our archives!

  • From the group of players that John saw in the 2011 Arizona Fall League, how many are currently with the Big League Brewers now?
  • Which former Brewers player was Cait paired with at the Davey Nelson Celebrity Golf Tournament in 2012?
  • We’ve hosted Social Media Night the last two years and a each time, a different Brewers player has made a guest appearance. Name the players.

Good luck!

UPDATE at 2:40pm CT: Congrats to Travis B. You’re the winner! Wow, that was quick!

Thanks again for reading everyone, it has truly been a pleasure to be able to engage with all of you; it was especially fun for us to meet those of you who came out to Social Media Night in person as well!

We are very fortunate to each have an inside look at the team and want to give you as much of a look inside the organization as we can. Please continue to let us know your comments, criticisms and ideas as we continue to provide our own behind-the-scenes look at Brewers baseball.  We love your feedback and will use it to hopefully stay number one in the rankings!

John and Cait

John andCait@Brewers.com


I’ll let someone else win this one. Good luck everyone!

1. 3 – Kintzler, Gennett, Schafer

2.Jay Aldrich

3. Axford and Narveson

Congratulations, Travis! You’re the winner! We’ll contact you via email. -J&C

grrrrrr just missed it

1. 3 (or 4 if Segura counts)
2. Jay Aldrich
3. John Axford (2013), Chris Narveson (2012)

Jay Aldrich
John Axford, Chris Narveson

1) Josh Prince & Khris Davis
2) Jay Aldrich
3) John Axford & Chris Narveson

2, Jerry Augustine, Chris Narveson & John Axford

1 player? Jay Aldrich, and John Axford & Chris Narveson? oh who knows how slueth like I actually was..ha!

1 Brandon Kintzler, Scooter Gennett, Logan Schafer, Jean Segura
2 Jay Aldrich
3 Chris Narveson & John Axford

1) None
2) Jay Aldrich
3) John Axford & Chris Narveson

1. Scooter Gennett and Logan Schafer
2. Jay Aldrich
3.2012 Chris Narveson
2013 John Axford

The post above already beat me but it is.


Jay Aldrich

Chris Naverson 2012
Axford 2013

1) 3. Kintzler, Schafer & Gennett
2) Jay Aldrich
3) Chris Narveson, John Axford

Congratulations on being number #1

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