Vote Brewers in the Business Journal’s Social Madness Competition

The Business Journal’s Social Madness competition kicked off this morning and we’re pleased to announce that the Brewers are in the running!

Social Madness recognizes the companies with the best social media engagement across their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts and here at the Brewers, we’re always working hard to bring you new and exciting content to share across our platforms, build new contests and enhance your user experience.

Help us advance by giving us your vote at (large companies category–click green “vote” icon to the right of the name and sign in to cast your vote); interacting with us on our social media channels (i.e. liking & sharing/retweeting posts); and telling your friends to do the same.

And, if you needed more reason to do so, here are some links to some of our best social content over the past couple of months: Social Media Night , Shopping with Axford, Food Reviews, New Brew, #WheresPolish, Hairstyle Appreciation Day, Design a YOUniform, Countdown to Opening Day, and  Bernie’s Trip to Spring Training.

There are many rounds to this competition, so we’ll be in need of your help along the way.

This first round (Local Round 1) ends on June 17. Local Round 2 will be June 18-24; Local Round 3 June 25-July 1; and Local Round 4 July 2-July 8. If we advance to the Nationals, there will be another competition.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Go Brewers!

John & Cait


You’ve got my vote! Love the presence you guys have on social media, and the contests are really great!

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