Double Clutch Menu For The Athletics Series: Green Chile Tacos al Pastor

It’s a little chilly in Milwaukee today and the Green Chile Tacos al Pastor on the menu at the Double Clutch Truck at Miller Park will surely warm you up.


The pork is marinated in green chile salsa topped with a tasty chipotle cream sauce and lettuce, served three tacos to an order.  A scoop of cilantro lime rice is on the side and is $9.  It will be available throughout the Brewers-Athletics series this week at Miller Park.  The tacos had awesome flavor.


A staple of the Double Clutch, the Spaghetti-in-a-Meatball is also available again and features a 1/2 pound beef and veal meatball stuffed with spaghetti and mozzarella cheese and topped with marinara sauce.  That is also $9.

The Double Clutch stand is on the Loge Level outside section 215 (on the first base side of the press box).


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