Participate in #WHIFF Wednesday for your chance to win prizes!

In conjunction with the season-long Head & Shoulders #WHIFF program which benefits the RBI Leagues, MLB has declared that today is #WHIFF Wednesday.

Brewers Whiff Graphic

If there are 200 strikeouts across the League, 5,000 fans can win prizes including Shop discounts, MLB.TV trials and Head and Shoulders products. To participate, fans should tweet #Whiff @Brewers for their chance to win, as well as enter online here.

For those unfamiliar with the program, starting on Opening Day, for every “whiff” (strikeout) across MLB during the 2013 regular season, Head & Shoulders with Old Spice is making a $1 donation to the MLB Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI ) program. The RBI program is the MLB youth  initiative designed to give young people from urban and underserved  communities the opportunity to play baseball and softball, encourages academic success and achievement, and teaches important life lessons and values.

MLB fans can take part in the “Season of the #Whiff” on Twitter all season long and help their team & community–the MLB Club with the most tweets each month will earn $10,000 for their local RBI Leagues!

Good luck!

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