Brewed for Her a Success!

Today, during the Brewers vs. Pirates game, we hosted our first-ever “Brewed For Her” event in the Gehl Club at Miller Park, an event geared toward women showcasing multiple products that are sold in the Brewers Team Stores, along with fashion tips, and interactive beauty stations highlighting new Brewers hair and nail accessories.

I was fortunate enough to attend this event with my mom so that I could review it for the blog.

The event began at noon today, an hour and a half before gates opened to the general public. This allowed attendees to time to shop the stores and visit vendor booths before the game began. Attendees received a special 20% savings on merchandise purchased during the event.

Here a few photos I grabbed of some of the various displays:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition, beauticians were on hand during the event to offer advice and give demonstrations–the station to have your nails painted and/or hair styled with purchased Brewers accessories was very popular.

Here’s a cool a Vine video I took at the station:

I really enjoyed meeting a lot of the attendees and talking to them about their experience. My mom told me she was afraid the event was going to be “filled with cute, pretty young things,” and that she would feel out of place, but she said she was happy to see that there were women attendees of all ages–including a few guys and a baby! There were also fans of every level— I met one woman who was attending her very first Brewers game with her daughter and others who were Season Seat Holders and attend 30+ games per year.

Here’s a little taste of the fun that was had:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you notice in the gallery above, yes, there were a few guys in attendance, and that was fine with event organizers. We’re not here to exclude anyone, it’s just that the purpose of this event was to showcase all of the awesome apparel and accessories the Brewers Team Stores have to offer for women.

Cindy and Walker (pictured in the gallery) came from Madison for the event. Cindy is a huge fan and said she has come to 30-40 games per year the last few years. When I asked Walker how he felt about the event, he said he was having a good time; he also thought guys might like a similar event, noting, “Guys like food and free stuff, too!” And who knows, maybe we’ll be hosting a similar event in the future!

Attendees also received a Brewers vs. Pirates game ticket in the upscale Gehl Club at Miller Park, which includes an all-you-can-eat buffet and two complimentary beverages. There was a special menu for the event, including Hors d’oeuvres such as mini caprese skewers and island chips and dip; a selection of salads; a carving station featuring roasted tenderloin of beef; an action station featuring linguine marinara or alfredo; a main course of chicken scallopine layered with roasted apple, sweet potato,  blue cheese and candied pecans; and also, ballpark fare.

Each attendee also left with a special Brewed for Her swag bag containing a variety of items (valued at $250!); items varied in each bag, but  here’s a sample:

Brewed for Her Gift Bag

Kudos to Jill Aronoff, Chris Barlow and all of the staff that helped bring this event together. It was a rousing success-the only thing that could have made it better would have been a Brewers victory, as they fell to the Pirates, 5-2.

Many attendees commented that they hope we have this again next year and with that sort of feedback, we’ll definitely take that into consideration. Stay tuned to the blog for updates!


P.S.  Also, in talking to fans, there is one other thing I want to clear up–there seems to be some confusion as some thought the Brewed for Her event was designed to replace Brewers All-Access, a very different behind-the-scenes look at Brewers Baseball and the front office. I have to tell you, this is not the case. Although unfortunately Brewers All-Access will not be held this season, Brewed for Her is a completely new and separate event coming out of the retail side of things.


I attended and it was SUCH A GOOD TIME. I loved seeing all the merchandise for sale (and got a new watch because at 20% off) and the food was great and watching the game was fun even though we lost.

I enjoyed that some of the vendors were there and seemed to enjoy getting feed back on the products (like, there was this awesome ceramic bowl there with handles that was really popular – but the vendor seemed to appreciate the feedback that next time they should make it with a lid).

It was really a great time – I hope they have it again next year!

Enjoyed the event! The only thing the need to improve on for the future is figuring out the seating dilemma. Aside from that it was a great event!

We had such a good time, even with the whole seating challenges. Totally in for next year!

My mom and I were at the game yesterday and knew there was something going on for women but didn’t see or hear where it was or when. too bad we missed it. looked like fun😦

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