ESPN’s #UNIBATTLE: Vote Brewers!

Remember Brewers fans about a year ago when you voted Miller Park the Best Ballpark in MLB on’s poll?  You came out in record numbers and upset the rest of the field as Miller Park was named the best ballpark in MLB thanks to the passionate Brewers fanbase.  Some didn’t really like that decision, but it showed how much pride Brewers fans have in their team and ballpark. Well, it looks like the Brewers could use your help again in’s “Battle of the Uniforms.”

This is great because it includes two of my favorite things: uniforms and bracket style tournaments.  This topic always sparks interesting discussions and debates.

A bracket-style online vote has been set up to decide what MLB team has the best uniforms in all of Baseball.  The Brewers are opening up the underdogs as an 11 seed facing the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first round of the “tournament.”  Although the Brewers have a number of alternate uniforms, the voting is based only on the official home “whites” and road “grays.”

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Voting is open now on and the first round ends tomorrow morning.  In addition, fans can tweet their thoughts on the bracket using the #UNIBATTLE hashtag.


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