We’re Number One… Because of YOU!

We just received some terrific news–John and Cait… Plus 9  was the top MLB Pro Blog for the month of April! This is quite the honor, especially when you consider all of the other awesome MLBlogs that are out there, like Keith Olbermann’s Baseball Nerd Blog and Jamie Ramsey’s Better Off Red, just to name a couple.

But really, the kudos goes to you! Thank you for reading the blog.  It was a busy April for us and we hope to continue to be the place for an inside look at the Brewers. We would not be number one without our readers, so to celebrate, we thought we’d do a fun giveaway with trivia related to the blog.

The first person to answer the following questions in the comment field below will win a prize package consisting of:

Blog Prize

Ready? Here’s what you need to answer–three questions designed for you to go back through our archives!

  • We started our “What John and Cait Ate…” concession review series in 2011.  Name one of three foods that we reviewed in our first post.
  • Cait recently reviewed Haudricourt’s new Brewers book, but what was the book she reviewed last year?
  • We ran in the Brewers Mini last year and tracked our progress on the blog. What was John’s finishing time?

UPDATE:Looks like we already have our winner, wow that was fast! Congrats, Brad. Thanks again to everyone for reading!

Good luck!

Thanks again for reading, it has truly been a pleasure to be able to engage with all of you and we can’t wait to see some of you on Social Media Night, coming up on May 28. We love your feedback as well. Please continue to let us know your comments, criticisms and ideas as we continue to provide our own behind-the-scenes look at Brewers baseball.
John and Cait

John andCait@Brewers.com


1. Hand-Carved Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich
2. Heart & Hustle: An Unlikely Journey from Little Leaguer to Big Leaguer by Frank Catalanotto
3. 1:52:22

Wow, Brad! That was fast! Congratulations! Please email us at JohnandCait@brewers.com with your address and we’ll get that prize package in the mail!

Thanks for reading!

-John and Cait

Red, White and Blue Steak Sandwich
Heart and Hustle by Frank Catalanotto

Sorry, Roger! You were close, here was our very first food review: http://brewers.mlblogs.com/2011/06/09/introducing-what-john-and-cait-ate/.

Thanks for reading,
John & Cait

heart and hustle, pulled pork parfait, 1:52.22

Hi Robb,

You’re correct, but we already had a correct submission. Thanks for reading!

John & Cait

Smoked Beef Brisket or Pulled Pork Parfaits

Heart & Hustle: An Unlikely Journey from Little Leaguer to Big Leaguer


Well fa he already beat me to it grr never gonna be able to go to a game this year and I knew all the answers and follow along with u guys congrats dude

1.) Hand-Carved Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich
2.) Heart & Hustle: An Unlikely Journey from Little Leaguer to Big Leaguer by Frank Catalanotto
3.) 1:52:22

Where can I get a copy of that book?

The Brewers Team Store and most booksellers. Thanks for reading!

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