Favorite Section at Miller Park? Favorite Row? Favorite Seat? Choose Your Seat Now at Brewers.com

I don’t get to really sit in the stands too often at Miller Park anymore.  I occasionally visit family and friends in the stands at Miller Park during home games and it is always fun to see parts of the game from different seats in the park.  Maybe you too have had that same experience of moving around and sitting in different locations throughout the park for different.  If you have found a certain section  you enjoy in particular, buying specific seat locations on Brewers.com has never been easier because now fans will be able to literally select their seats.

The Brewers launched a new feature on Brewers.com that will allow fans to select specific seat locations online.  The interactive seat maps are now live on Brewers.com and are available for all remaining games at Miller Park including the next home game, Monday, April 29th vs. Pittsburgh.

The Brewers partnered with ticking provider, Tickets.com and Major League Baseball Advanced Media to enable the technology on Brewers.com.  The user-friendly interface allows ticket purchasers the ability to narrow their search for tickets by using a map that shows specific single game ticket availability in their favorite seating sections—all the way down to specific rows and seats.  The system also allows fans to find ticket availability by most desired ticket price points for specific games as well as finding special ticket offers.

An example of the online seating map now available on Brewers.com

An example of the online seating map now available on Brewers.com

The maps are available online at www.brewers.com/tickets now.  This technology will be a convenience for fans as well as make the fan experience even better.




FINALLY!!!! I often would only order from stubhub.com due to the fact that you’d actually have a pretty good options for picking your seats! At least you’d be close to where you’d want to be (first row of a section, isle, etc)… I’m so glad the Brewers have done this. It’s now even better than stubhub!!!!

I’ve been asking for this for years! Finally they have done it. So excited.

Gotta love section 108 no place better to see pitch by pitch action!

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