What’s cooking at the Double Clutch Stand at Miller Park this homestand?

In case you missed it, new for 2013, the Chef’s Table has transformed into a food truck called the Double Clutch, located outside Section 215 on the Loge Level. Instead of menu items related to our opponent, the Double Clutch aims to feature unique fare that would be something similar to that found on a food truck. The concessions will change frequently and offer a fun variety.

Chefs Table 2013

The features for the upcoming homestand (Brewers vs. Giants and Brewers vs. Cubs) are:

Smoked Brisket Grilled Cheese served on Texas Toast, made with Muenster cheese and topped with fried onions.


And, the popular “Spaghetti-n-a-Meatball,” a meatball stuffed with spaghetti, topped with sauce and provolone cheese, is also back for $9.00.


Check back here all season long for What John and Cait Ate reviews, including the updated Double Clutch items!

– Cait



Check out the Double Clutch Food Truck for the Cub series. We will feature the Spaghetti – n – a Meatball and a Taylor Street Fried Sausage Sandwich w/ Vinegar Peppers / Fresh Mozzarella Cheese / Tomato Jam and Brioche Bun.

Had the Spaghetti in a Meatball for the first time this season. A few things to note in comparison to last season. (Which I had about 9 in the last homestand). The noodles seem to be more on the al dente side this season and I really enjoy that improvement. Additionally the extra cheese on top is a wonderful touch!! Lastly, the breadstick served this year has a much more soft composition then the first go round…Thank You for Fixing an Already amazing product. My only complaint is the style in which it is served. The paper boat has a tough time holding the sauce that is used inside the bottom gets weathered quite quickly and I found myself becoming anxious over if it will break or spill or otherwise. Using the craft paper as well is a bit puzzling, as this is an obvious knife and fork food, having paper under the product only leads to well…cut paper! The little brown bowl was so much easier to eat out of last year! However, if the only complaint that is received about this product is the plate it comes on….Chef John must be doing something right!

Steve thanks for the feedback we appreciate it. We will look into a new container you brought up a good point. Enjoy the rest of the season. Chef John

Wow. Went back last night, I had to try the tacos however I did notice that the above mentioned dish is served in a black bowl. What service! It is amazing to know that the DNC truly cares about the guest and its opinions! I am simply amazed. Kudos to the entire staff!!

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