Brewed for Her Night Set for May 25

On Saturday, May 25, during the Brewers vs. Pirates game, we’ll be hosting our first-ever “Brewed For Her” event in the Gehl Club at Miller Park, an event geared toward women showcasing multiple products that are sold in the Brewers Team Stores, along with fashion tips, and interactive beauty stations highlighting new Brewers hair and nail accessories.

The event will begin an hour and a half before gates open that day (noon) so that attendees have time to shop the stores and visit vendor booths set up by the Brewers Team Store on the Club Level before the game begins. Various vendors, fashion experts, and beauticians will be on hand during the event to offer advice, give demonstrations and offer product information. Attendees will also be able to purchase items in the Gehl Club that day and those who purchase the new Brewers hair and nail accessories will also have the opportunity to have the beauticians style their hair and nails with them on the spot.

Brewed For Her Night

“We know women love baseball and we wanted to give them a special day dedicated to them. This event will be a lot of fun; we hope they’ll enjoy the new Brewers gear and accessories and get new ideas on how to show their team support not just at the game, but also out on the town,” said Jill Aronoff, Senior Director Merchandise Branding.

Brewed for Her is $115 per ticket and includes:

  • Early entry into Miller Park
  • Your Brewers vs. Pirates ticket in the upscale Gehl Club at Miller Park, which includes an all- you-can-eat buffet and two complementary beverages
  • Access to vendor booths and product displays at the Brewers Team Store on the Club Level
  • Demonstrations by beauticians
  • Fashion tips from experts
  • Ability to purchase merchandise that evening from the Gehl Club
  • A special Brewed for Her gift bag, which includes a t-shirt

I’m planning to attend this event and look forward to talking with many of the attendees as well as grabbing photos to feature here on the blog–I hope to see you there!

Tickets are on sale now at or by phone at (414) 902-GAME (4263). You’ll want to hurry as this event is limited to just the first 200 attendees!



Wow – between this, the FS Wisconsin “Girls” & the woman with the cleavage in the front row – what is the Brewers Organization saying to & about women??

…almost forgot the “Diamond Dancers”! I guess it’s just the bimbo culture being promoted. Still, many of us love the game and will try to look past this stuff while we wait for sports to catch up in the equality department.

As a husband who will be definitely be purchasing a ticket for my wife to this unique and fun event, I’m absolutely dumbfounded by the comments of how this is demeaning to women. I find this event to be a great way to encourage a different demographic to get inside Miller Park, enjoy a game, and learn things they may not have been introduced to yet. Some people really need to be more positive and open to new experiences! And go Crew!

You’ll notice that this event revolves around shopping, fashion, hair and nails … not baseball and how it’s played. As a young woman who actually “gets” baseball, I would love nothing more than for the Brewers Organization to host more educational events like they’ve done in years past. This is simply another way to get more bodies in the stadium, most of which will rarely, if ever, return to actually view the game itself.

More women would be interested in baseball if they weren’t treated like a bunch of unintelligent bimbos who can get some assistance “showing their support out on the town.”

WOW!! So wish I would be able to take my mom. I already have a wedding and my niece is graduating. Hope you will do again next year with a little more advance notice so we can save the date.

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