What John and Cait Ate…Ribbie’s Cafe

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

-Yogi Berra

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it…and try these concessions!”-John & Cait

Hello readers!

We’re really excited to bring back the food review series that we started in 2011: What John and Cait Ate.

During each homestand, we will be meeting with John DiMartini, Executive Chef at Delaware North Sportservice/Miller Park to sample some of the latest and greatest Miller Park fare.

Sportservice provides the food and drink concessions for 25 major league sports clients at 23 venues, including 10 Major League Baseball stadiums.  As the exclusive food, beverage and retail provider for Miller Park, Sportservice offers so many concession stands and such a wide variety of food options that fans dashing out of their seats for a quick snack between innings may be missing out on some of the best ballpark bites.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

We started the 2012 What John and Cait Ate series with a look at some of the new smoked meat products available at Miller Park. This year, that selection has expanded.  The beef brisket and smoked turkey are both back.  But we looked at some new items available this year.

Smokin’ Delicious!

Today, at our first meeting with Chef John, we were treated to an array of smoked products. Last year, Sportservice acquired a smoker and refine their classic smoked turkey and brisket plates.  This year, they plan on adding specials varying by homestand–it could be anything from Prime Rib, Mahi Mahi Tacos and Leg of Lamb to what we feasted on this time: a 10oz Smoked Pork Chop and the Beer Can Chicken (how appropriate for Miller Park!).

10oz Smoked Pork Chop-$10.00

10 ounce Pork Chops

10 ounce Pork Chops

Add two slices of white bread, some homemade BBQ sauce, a scoop of macaroni and cheese and a pickle and, my friends, you have a meal!

Finished product.

Finished product

John: A sizable portion at 10 ounces, the pork chop is marinated in apple cider brine and a special seasoning, smoked the day of the game. It’s then drizzled with Miller Park’s homemade barbecue sauce.  The meat was very tender and full of flavor.  Served over two slices of wheat bread, the pork chop could be eaten like a sandwich or cut up.  It was a smoked flavor in the meat combined with the tangy sauce that made this meal a good start to the 2013 season.  A healthy portion of delicious mac ‘n cheese on the side was also served.  It is a bit difficult to eat unless you have a table and it is likely that you will need a fork and knife to eat this.

The Beer Can Chicken-$10.00

Good old fashioned beer can chicken!

Good old fashioned beer can chicken!

A generous portion of macaroni and a pickle round out this ballpark meal!

Quite the feast!

Quite the feast!

Cait: With the chicken, you also get a generous portion. It’s marinated with Guinness and slow-roasted on a beer can for two days, seasoned with Old Bay. Like the pork chop,  the meat was very tender and full of flavor. Delicious mac ‘n cheese and a pickle make this into a meal. As John pointed out, the only drawback to this delicious fare is that it can be  difficult to eat unless you have a table as you will need a fork and knife to eat it. However, that’s just one more reason to get to the ballpark early, have your dinner and then get another snack/dessert somewhere around the 4th or 5th inning!

Where To Satisfy Your Craving: Both of these sandwiches are available at the patio outside the right-field corner on the Field Level & Ribbie’s Cafe outside Section 221 on the Loge Level (pictured below).

Rating (out of 5):

4 Sausages



Well, that concludes our first food critique of 2013. We hope you enjoyed reading it half as much as we enjoyed tasting these new items. We also hope we’ve inspired you to step outside of your brat and beer routine (not that there’s anything wrong with that) next time you’re at Miller Park to check out the wide variety of concession offerings.

What about you? Do you have a favorite ballpark snack? A question about concessions? Something you’d like to see featured here? Post your comments below!

Bon Appetit!

-John and Cait



I was very disappointed to see that the Grilled Cheese stuffed with brisket is no longer available at the “Hot cheese” stand on the first base side of the loge level. Do what you can to bring this back. It was the first thing I looked for on opening day and was not there.ARGGHHHH

Kevin, Sorry you missed it, but thanks for the comments. Keep an eye for it on the Double Clutch stand on the Loge Level we might be featuring it at an upcoming home stand. Chef John

Is Java by Heidi still around? Went looking for the stand on Tuesday and could’ve find it.

Unfortunately not this year.

Is the Miller Park Parfait around this year? It was taking off of Club Level where I usually sit…Looked a little on Field however I can say I did not look THAT hard. It was one of my favorites!! Along with the Baked Potatoes on the cart by the Gehl Club.

Hi Steve!

YES! We still have the parfaits, your choice of beef brisket, pork or combination of both. They are offered at the slider carts located near Sections 126 and 214.

I saw that they have a beef brisket sandwich at the same stand where they’re selling these two things. Did they change the recipe for it from prior seasons? It doesn’t seem like the same beef brisket sandwich they’ve had before.

Also, I tried the beer can chicken last Tuesday and agree that it is delicious… I’d definitely recommend it.

Steve thank you for the feed back. It still is the same recipe if you could can you tell me specifically what you did not like so thet I may address the issue. Thank You Chef John

When I had the beef brisket before, it was sliced. This time around it was chopped and seemed to have BBQ sauce on top. In addition, the meat didn’t seem as lean as it was before.

You should do an article about the vegetarian options @ the park. I know you have things other than pretzels and french fries, but I’ve never sought them out…

Thank you! Yes, we will!

We always get the Cactus League Nachos. We were hoping they were going to be at Spring Training, considering the name, but they didn’t have them in Maryvale this year.

I had the 10oz Smoked Pork Chop Wed at the game and wow was it good!!! It will become a Superfan Fav for sure!!!!!!!!! Go brewers!

Thanks Scott we have been debating whether to leave on as a staple, with comments like this I think we will. Chef John

Why aren’t covers provided for soda cops that are bought at the various stands around the ballpark? Had the brisket the other night. It was excellent. However it could have been warmer than what it was. Is ther a place on line that we can find out what the speciality item is during each homestand?

Marshall, as of now we do not have a site on line showing the upcoming specials. For the up coming home stand we are keeping the brisket, turkey, pork chop and featuring smoked shaved prime rib with mushrooms and onions on crusty bun.

We had the pork chop plate and was really good but did not like the mac & cheese. Also had the smoked turkey sandwich and had to take the mac & cheese for higher price. Am on carb restricted diet and do not want to pay for something I have to throw away. I want to be able to purchase a more healthy sandwich only for a lower price. Just like last year when they made the hamburger a cheeseburger. Have to pay for cheese I do not want instead of charging a little more to have cheese. Just so frustrating sometimes.

There was a stand outside of Sec 212 last year that served food that was related to the opposing teams’ area. But this year when I went over to that section during Opening Day and on April 7, there was a faux lunch wagon serving spaghetti and meatballs. Is that option no longer going to be offered? If so, that is unfortunate.

Thank you for your feedback. The new stand is going to be inspired by food truck fare, which may sometimes relate to the opposing team’s city but not always.

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