What John and Cait Ate… The New Double Clutch Stand at Miller Park!

Last year, SportService debuted the Chef’s Table , a stand featuring concession options that changed based on the opponent we were playing (think Cincinnati Chili when we play the Reds, pierogies when we play the Pirates, etc.

Chefs Table 2013

Well, new for 2013, the Chef’s Table has transformed into a food truck called the Double Clutch, located outside Section 215 on the Loge Level. Instead of menu items related to our opponent, the Double Clutch aims to feature unique fare that would be something similar to that found on a food truck. The concessions will change each series and offer a fun variety.

The feature for the Opening Series vs. the Rockies is a meatball stuffed with spaghetti, topped with sauce and provolone cheese for $9.00.


Check back here all season long for What John and Cait Ate reviews, including the updated Double Clutch items!

Happy Opening Day!

– Cait



Saw the meatball and was hoping it was a permanent item. Guess not😦

$9 for a meatball? No thanks, I’ll stick to tailgate fair.

Let me know the next time you are at a Brewers game. I would love to treat you to one here at Miller Park. I’m telling you right now, it is a full meal, easy to eat and definitely worth every penny. Send me an e-mail a day or two in advance. — John johnandcait@brewers.com

1 meatball for 9 bucks??:/

The meatball will be permanent at the new action station on club level.

We have.decided to keep the “Spaghetti – n- a Meatball” permanently at the Double Clutch stand on the Loge Level. With it we will introduce new items every home stand. Look forward to what you think. Chef John

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