Introducing Tim Rappe, Executive Director of the Brewers Baseball Academy

Two weeks ago, we announced the exciting addition of the Brewers Baseball Academy, presented by Kwik Trip,   eight separate week-long baseball/softball camps open to youth (ages 6-14) that will be held in various cities across Wisconsin this summer.

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And now, I’d like to introduce Tim Rappé, Executive Director of the Brewers Baseball Academy, who, from time to time, will be a guest blogger on John and Cait…Plus 9 (plus Tim)!

Tim Rappé (ruhPAY) is a veteran of the youth camp business as a result of 17 years with the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls. Tim created and managed the youth player development program for both teams and served as president of the most respected summer camp program associated with any professional team in the country. He also served as president of the Bulls/Sox Training Academy from inception in 2001 through December of 2011.

Tim attended Brookfield Central HS and was an All American sprinter at UW-Madison. He was a draft pick of the Cincinnati Reds. With his background and also, as a father of five himself (whose oldest son played baseball at Virginia Tech and his oldest daughter plays softball at Ohio University), Tim is passionate about teaching  kids “the greatest game on the face of the earth.” He promises to do no less for the kids in Wisconsin.

So now, without further ado, here’s Tim!


Tim Rappe, Executive Director of the new Brewers Baseball Academy and guest blogger special to John and Cait...Plus 9!

Tim Rappe, Executive Director of the new Brewers Baseball Academy and guest blogger special to John and Cait…Plus 9!

In case you missed the news, recently the Brewers announced the launch of a summer camp program entitled the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Academy. I am beyond honored to have been selected to serve as executive director of this new chapter in Brewers history. In future posts I will discuss a variety of topics – primarily instruction-based, but in this initial entry I want to make a couple very important points regarding what you can expect at a Brewers baseball and softball camp.

First, a confession….Quite often professional teams roll out sports camps that are more about creating a sponsorship opportunity with actual instruction taking a back seat. This promise I will make about the Brewers Baseball Academy: Our mission is to create the finest baseball/softball camp in America for kids in Wisconsin. Our success will be measured by how much your child improves from Monday to Friday. And, incidentally, we intend to have a blast along the way. Fun is an essential ingredient in the learning process and we’ll have a double dose of that.

So, if you have a boy or girl 6 to 14, have we got a camp for you! And it doesn’t matter if he or she is picking up a bat for the first time or is the stud shortstop on a select travel team. They will have fun, they will get better, and along the way, create memories that will last a lifetime. How cool is that?

We’ve got terrific sites in the Milwaukee area, Sun Prairie, Kenosha, Appleton, Oshkosh and Green Bay.

Check out all the details at to find out how you can be part of the inaugural year of the Brewers Baseball Academy. Or you can always email me at Until next time, don’t forget: “If you’re gonna swing, might as well swing hard.”

-Tim Rappé


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