Brewers Launch Fans on the Fly Interactive Digital Fan Map

We already know Brewers fans are the best fans in the world.

You show your pride wherever you go… and now, with Brewers Fans on the Fly, presented by Southwest Airlines, you can share photos of yourself in Brewers gear in places from the Great Lakes to the Great Wall and everywhere in between!

MB 13-Brewers on Deck-TV Screen-FansOnTheFly

Start by visiting; there, you can take a look at the map and also, upload your own photos and share them with your friends.

And, we’ll even be selecting some of our favorites to appear on the scoreboard during games at Miller Park this season!

So, whether you’re headed to Arizona for a Spring Training trip with the Brewers Road Crew, going away for Spring Break,  following the Crew on the road or honeymooning–be sure you bring along your Brewers gear and take some photos!

Here are just a few photos I’ve found of myself with friends from over the years–I can’t wait to take more on future trips and add to this collection!

Can’t wait to see yours!


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