Brewers Announce Winning Design in “Design A YOUniform” Contest

You probably voted and have been waiting to hear news on the winner.  Just moments ago at “Brewers On Deck,” Ben Peters, of Richfield, Minnesota was announced as the winner of the Brewers Design a YOUniform contest.  Peters’ design will be worn by the Brewers in exhibition games on March 22 in Phoenix at Maryvale Baseball Park and on March 30 in Milwaukee at Miller Park.  Merchandise including t-shirts and caps featuring the winning design is on sale now at Brewers On Deck and at the Brewers Team Store by Majestic at Miller Park.

Seeing the actual jersey and hat design in person got me really excited for this winning design.  The cream-colored jersey and navy blue hat look awesome.  I think they will be popular with fans.

Ben Peters - Richfield, Minnesota

Ben Peters – Richfield, Minnesota

As the winner, Peters will receive a trip to Brewers Spring Training 2013 to see the winning design on the field at a game. The hats and uniforms from the winning design will be worn by all Brewers players and coaches at the Friday, March 22 Spring Training game at Maryvale Baseball Park against the Chicago Cubs.  Peters will receive airfare for two, tickets to the game in Arizona to see the uniform in action and $1,500 for hotel, ground transportation and other incidentals.  He will also have the opportunity to select the jersey and hat worn by one player from that day, plus will receive ten t-shirts and hats made from his design.

“I’ve always loved vintage designs and the Barrelman logo was always a neat look” said Peters. “I wish I knew the name of the person who originally designed the Barrelman logo because I would like to thank him for inspiring me.”

The authentic jersey with the hats.

The authentic jersey with the hats.

In addition, the Brewers the uniforms will also be worn at Miller Park on Saturday, March 30 as the Brewers take on the Chicago White Sox in an exhibition game.

Last fall, Brewers fans were invited to submit their ideas for an alternate Brewers on-field uniform, and the contest resulted in an overwhelming number of fan entries. After receiving nearly 700 submissions for the Design a YOUniform contest, the Brewers announced the three finalists as selected by a panel of judges.

“The fans’ response to this promotion was tremendous, both in the number of entries received and the votes during the judging of the finalists,” said Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger. “It was difficult to select a winner as the three finalist entries all had very solid support.”

Patch detail
Patch detail

The three finalists – two of whom live outside of Wisconsin – were invited by the Brewers to travel to Milwaukee for Brewers On Deck at the Delta Center where Brewers pitcher John Axford announced Peters as the winner on the Klement’s Main Stage.  Ron Verrecchio from Catonsville, Maryland and Nicholas Fouts from Madison, Wisconsin were the other two finalists.

A photo of Peters and his winning design at Brewers On Deck today.

A photo of Peters and his winning design at Brewers On Deck today.

In addition to an online fan vote, a panel of voters including Axford, Brewers President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Doug Melvin and Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger judged the finalists.  Other judges included Jill Aronoff, Brewers Senior Director – Merchandise Branding and representatives from Majestic, New Era and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.



This is a great look! Would love to see this as a regular uniform!

The winning uniform looks like a normal uniform. Outside of the Barrel man thing, what is different. The Yellow Design by Nicholas was the only true “alternative” jersey. That should have won!

Release the numbers for the popular vote.

Reblogged this on Ha-do-ken Outlet Center and commented:
I’m a sucker for old-school Brewers uniforms.

Will these be available to purchase online? Because I want the hat really really badly, but do not live in Milwaukee

Ok but really not “new” other than the Pinocchio Nose.

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Love it. Will this be on sale all year, or at least online for us out-of-town fans?

nice choice! classic baseball look, old-school feel, but NOT the ball/glove that everywhere already!

I’m also wondering about whether or not it’s going to be sold…My hubby is in raptures over the hat. I’d love to get one for him.

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Congrats to the winner – this is worlds better than the awful uniforms our Crew usually wears (retro excepted).

We may never know the name of the artist who drew the first Beer Barrel Man, but we know who commissioned the mascot – Bill Veeck, the PT Barnum of Baseball himself, when he owned the American Association Brewers in 1941.

Reblogged this on But at the end of the day… and commented:
This was the uniform design I actually voted for so I am glad it won. Secondly, I love Barrelman and it’s so sad it’s only sold at Milwaukee. I want the cap but it’s $45 right now. Crazy, but I might consider getting it since it’s a rare piece of history. The font is also fantastic and this might be something I think the team should wear more than a couple times.

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