Happy Birthday, Bob!


Last August, we celebrated Mr. Baseball with photos, our favorite “Ueckerisms,” and more across our various social media platforms, all leading up to his statue dedication.

Well, today, in honor of Bob’s 78th birthday, we’re dusting off our favorites, compiled in the slideshow below. Enjoy!

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You can also see Bob tomorrow and tell him yourself at Brewers On Deck!




Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Bob. Do you have a brother named William?

Happy Birthday Bob, You are the best….

Happy Birthday to that young man Uecker!!

Happy Birthday and many more.

Happy birthday Bob!

Happy Birthday Bob, and thank you for being the voice of
the Milwaukee Brewers. I can’t think of a better person for that


Bob, you are the best. May this birthday bless you in many
ways. Hear you soon!

Well BOB its been a long long time ago but what fun we did
have at LANGS tap , Still have pictures of you playing basketball
in grade school have fun Dean Ward .

Happy Bob, and Thanks for the many awesome

Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy Birthday Mr. Baseball

Happy Birthday Bob! You are a true classic, a legend in our own minds! Thanks for so many years as the “Voice” of the Brewers!

Happy Birthday Bob! Wishing you many more!

Happy Bday Bob. Have enjoyed you for a long time

Happy Birthday Bob. Can’t wait to hear your voice again on
the radio. Spring training is so close!

Happy Birthday Mr. Baseball!!! We
Love you!

happy bday bob! always one of my fav.

Happy Birthday—Love ya on the radio—

Happy Birthday! And many more to you!

Happy Birthday Bob ! You and my brother were born on the same day – and he loved his Brewers !!!!

Happy Birthday Bob! Can;t wait for baseball to start again and to hear you on the radio!

Happy Birthday to you, Bob! Every year you just get better and better! Thanks for being the voice of my summer.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy the quiet time now as it’s about to heat up soon!

It ain’t Spring without you, man. Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to you! I hope you spend it your way! Do you remember doing a clip on Heart Defibulators? You did one with a man named Russell BIshop?
If you do, we (His wife talked on the phone after he passed away). Well my son and daugther remember you and also wish you a very happy birthday too. They are now 27 and 32 years old. It would be nice if they could see you again. My son Phillip goes to many of the Brewers games with a group of friends. I told him to see if he could say HI to you, but he said he didn’t think it would happen. So, here I am letting you know, he would like to talk to you sometime.🙂

Happy Birthday Bob and many more from one Tech grad to another.

Happy Birthday Thanks for the memories. JEK sr

Happy Birthday, Bob!! And many more to come!!

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes. You have given me so many laughs over the years and I really appreciate them.

Always a pleasure to listen to Bob’s call of Brewers’s games.

Happy Birthday and Sto Lat!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Bob, Wish I could be there to bring you one of my half pound white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. The last time you got some was at County Stadium. Just take care of yourself. There are selfish people like myself out there that hope you are doing Brewer games for a long time to come. That’s what you get for being the best!

a birthday and a love for baseball lets get ready for 2013 season

Happy Birthday Bob, I listen to you all the time over here in australia

Have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob. Can’t wait to hear your voice for the first time this year. When I hear your voice I know everythings going to be OK! Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Wishing you the very best! You’re AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Bob! I really enjoy listening to you on the radio! You are awesome! I have listened to you for so many years! You are quite the inspiration! I look forward to listening to you this season! I wish you many blessings and true happiness, may God be with you!
Carol S

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