Brewers Go For the Gold and Announce Gold Alternate Jersey

The Brewers go for the gold every season. Each of the 30 flags atop the Commissioner’s Trophy awarded to the World Series Champion are adorned in gold and it is the Brewers goal to one day have that trophy at Miller Park. With that in mind, the Brewers will be “going for gold” in a new gold alternate jersey next season.

This exciting Brewers uniform news was announced by the team early this morning. The new gold-colored alternate jersey will be worn on occasion beginning with the 2013 season. The jersey tops will officially make their debut by players and coaches on Sunday at “Brewers On Deck” at the Delta Center in Milwaukee.

Here is a rendering of the gold Brewers jersey.

Here is a rendering of the gold Brewers jersey.

The gold jersey will feature “Brewers” in blue script across the front (think about the “Cerveceros” jersey that the team has worn in recent years). It will join the primary white home jersey, the primary gray road jersey, the alternate blue “Brewers” jersey, the alternate blue “Milwaukee” jersey and the retro “Brewers” pinstripe jersey.

The last time the Brewers introduced an alternate jersey was 2010 when the team added the alternate blue “Milwaukee” jersey.

“Our players have worn a similar gold-colored jersey on our annual ‘Cerveceros Day,’ and the feedback from fans and players has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger. “We believe that this jersey will be a very popular style, both on the field and at our retail locations.”

The players did react positively to the gold “Cerveceros” jersey the team has worn–the team won the only game they were worn last year. While normally, it is up to the starting pitcher to decide what uniform the team will wear for any game, baseball players can be very superstitious. If the team has a winning record in the gold jerseys, you could see them pretty regularly next year.

It was no coincidence that the team played the most games and had the best record–35-17–in the blue “Brewers” uniforms in 2012. Part of that could be due to the strong home record the team had, but the team went 10-10 in the home whites–proving there might be a little superstition when choosing a jersey.

The new uniform top will be available exclusively at Brewers On Deck and the Brewers Team Store by Majestic at Miller Park beginning Sunday. The Brewers Team Store by Majestic at Miller Park will exclusively carry the Brewers gold jersey through February 3. Those who purchase a gold Brewers jersey at Brewers on Deck will receive a free Brewers gold jersey chocolate bar.

Fans purchasing a Gold Brewers jersey at Brewers On Deck receive a gold jersey chocolate bar seen here.

Fans purchasing a Gold Brewers jersey at Brewers On Deck receive a gold jersey chocolate bar seen here.

]Players and coaches can be photographed in the new uniform on Sunday at “Brewers On Deck.”

What do you think of the new gold Brewers jersey? Leave your comments below.



I personally don’t care for them to me they almost look
more brown… I enjoy the retro whites the best!

Reblogged this on But at the end of the day… and commented:
I don’t know if they needed this. It looks nice, but they already have their home white, road gray and two different navy tops. Add on to their throwback set and two different spring training jerseys, this is overkill.

Bring back the powder blue away uniforms!

hate it. Bring back the retro! Look at the poll results and give the people what they want!

Thanks for your response, Chris. The Retro jersey will be again worn in 2013 for select home games. Thanks for your support!

Would be nice to see the road grays with “Milwaukee” script instead of “Brewers.” Personally, I think it’s time the whole livery gets an overhaul.

I like the color of this jersey, but these logos and wordmarks are well past their prime (why does anything need an outline and *two* drop-shadows). And another alternate?

TIme to scrap everything except the blue and gold color scheme and start from scratch.

I actually like the gold jerseys that the Brewers have worn
in the past (especially in 2011) Hopefully the new uni isn’t as
brown as the graphic depicts.

After years of the Ball and Glove logo blowing away any other Brewers uniform ever among fans, it is still mostly ignored by management.

Love the new color.

I wish they’d go back to the jerseys from the late 70s early 80s. In fact, I wish EVERY team would go back to the jerseys from that era.

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