Finalists Announced in Brewers “Design a YOUniform” Contest

After receiving nearly 700 submissions for the Brewers “Design a YOUniform” contest that began last fall, the Brewers today announced the three* finalists.  Today, a fan vote begins at where fans can have their say in the contest.

It was interesting to see the submitted designs.  Some had a Milwaukee flair, some had a retro taste, some went back to the Milwaukee Braves roots, some touched on Arizona and Maryvale.  The creativity shown by participants was great.

In the end, the panel narrowed it down and the final three submissions are shown below.  I like the three finalists. All use touches of Brewers design elements, but at the same time, offer a fresh and unique look.  I’m not giving away my favorite because I don’t want to sway anyone’s decision, but I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ron Verrecchio - Catonsville, Maryland

Ron Verrecchio – Catonsville, Maryland

Nicholas Fout - Madison, Wisconsin

Nicholas Fouts – Madison, Wisconsin

Ben Peters - Richfield, Minnesota

Ben Peters – Richfield, Minnesota

Verrecchio’s design has a good combination of two classic Brewers logos–the “Barrelman” and the “Ball-and-Glove.”  I also like the royal blue color used.  Another simple design element that I like in this one is the piping around the sleeves and down the center of the jersey.  It really gives it a complete look.

Fouts uses two design combinations that I like a lot.  The first is the use of “Milwaukee” on the jersey.  I like when road jerseys use the name of the city/state they are from.  Continuing on that theme, I love the logo that uses the state of Wisconsin with the classic “M” on the hat.  That use of the state of Wisconsin on the hat is a tradition that I like to see as the Brewers are not just Milwaukee’s team, but belong to the entire state.

Peters’ blends classic with modern.  He uses the current Brewers gold and navy colors and puts a classic twist on it with a great rendition of the “Barrelman” logo.  Again, the state of Wisconsin is seen on the patch and the pieces of barley used in our current primary logo appear.  The classic Brewers font and numbering give it an old-time feel.

All three finalists will travel to Milwaukee for “Brewers On Deck” at the Delta Center where the winner will be announced at 10:15 a.m. at the Klement’s Main Stage.  In addition to the fan vote, a panel of voters including Axford, Brewers President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Doug Melvin and Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger will judge the finalists.  The fan vote will stay open until Tuesday, January 22 at 10 a.m. CT and will count as one vote among the panel of eight judges. Other judges include Brewers Senior Director – Merchandise Branding Jill Aronoff, and representatives from Majestic, New Era and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The hats and uniforms from the winning design will be worn by all Brewers players and coaches at the Friday, March 22 Spring Training game at Maryvale Baseball Park against the Chicago Cubs.  The winner will receive airfare for two, tickets to the game in Arizona to see the uniform in action. and $1,500 for hotel, ground transportation and other incidentals.  The winner will also have the opportunity to select the jersey and hat worn by one player from that day, plus will receive ten t-shirts and hats made from their design.  Not a bad prize package!

In addition, the Brewers announced today that the uniforms will also be worn at Miller Park on Saturday, March 30 as the Brewers take on the Chicago White Sox in an exhibition game.  It will be nice for the Milwaukee fans to see the uniforms at Miller Park.

For fans interested in purchasing the unique Brewers gear, t-shirts and hats featuring the winning design will be available at the Brewers Team Store by Majestic at Miller Park and at the Brewers Team Store at Maryvale at a later date.

MB-13 Uniform Contest-Finalists-SOCIAL

I think we have three pretty unique designs and I can’t wait to see how this contest plays out.  I have been excited about it from the start and looking at the finalists makes me more excited to see who comes out on top.  Good luck to all three finalists and don’t forget to cast your vote!


*Please note that originally, we planned to have four finalists and a fourth finalist was selected. However, upon contacting the individual who submitted the design after voting was completed last week, it was clear that this fourth finalist was not eligible to participate in the contest. With the complexities of clearing trademark and licensing issues with each design (a process that can require several weeks of advance notice), there was not time to replace the fourth finalist with an alternate design.



My Vote..Ron Verrecchio

Ron Verrecchio’s design is awesome. Clean and sharp and uses the best logos EVER

I like the second one, We need a jersey with a different color to change the pace. Good work Nicholas Fout

nicholas fout design gets my vote

I would buy Ben’s barrelman hat in a split second. His arm patch is also a well-executed design that is worth incorporating into the on-field jerseys, but the supposedly “classic” font destroys it for me–looks too much like those atrocious, collared White Sox jerseys from the late ’70s/early ’80s. So instead, I’ll vote for Ron’s solid contribution: crisp, clean, bold. All three finalists are very well done.

Sorry to nitpick, but the third finalist’s last name is Peters, not Peter’s. It is misspelled in the article. If your intention was to indicate possession, it should be spelled Peters’.

not nitpicking, just a typo, thanks for the heads up!

I would go with last one with ben. We need a uniform that fans can relate like the mascot, is really representable.

2nd one is the best one. Hate the hat, love the jersey. Good to see the alternate color finally seeing more light these days. I would love to own that jersey.

Peters looks the best to me. I love the font of the lettering and their coloring.

Verrecchio’s is by far the best in my opinion.

Verrecchio’s uniform is nice, but Peters’ hat design is awesome! I’d buy it tomorrow if I could. I am officially torn, here.

I like all designs, but the Verrechio and Fout really caught my eye. The Peters design is very nice and clean, but I thought that it looks too close to current/recent designs. At first, I thought the Fout design was too yellow, but let’s shake things up, and get noticed! My next thought was to make make either the Verrechio or Fout designs a home field uniform, and the other a traveling uniform. Just my two cents, all designs were great, and congratulations to the finalists!

i like the picture of you the best….Babs


Reblogged this on But at the end of the day… and commented:
I really like the three designs they’ve selected as finalists. But for me, the return of Barrelman is the way to go. He’s not used as much in the current design and as for a one-time deal, I can dig this.

Of the three, I prefer Verricchio’s. I think it would look better if the design elements used today’s team colors, thereby mixing the past with the present.

I’d go for #1-Verrecchio. #2 Fout looks two softball-ish. #3 Peters – meh.

I love Ron Verrecchio’s!

ben peters barrel man design

Take Verrechio’s overall jersey scheme and royal blue colors. Replace the lone barrelman arm patch with Peters’ “circled barrelman” arm patch. Replace the ball-in-glove chest logo with Fouts’ “Milwaukee” lettering (or “Brewers” at home). Take Fouts’ three-tone hat scheme using Verrechio’s colors and replace the “M WI” logo with the “ball-in-glove” logo. Done. Also, I must say I love Verrechio’s sani’s.

Shirts by Fouts, hats by Verrecchio.

Verrechio’s hat along with peters jersey

This is a great promotion, and I think all three are really
good. My favorite would be the top one, though. I’ve always been a
fan for that logo. -Mike

There were a lot of good entries. I guess I was surprised there wasn’t at least one finalist whose uniform paid tribute to Milwaukee baseball prior to the MLB Brewers. There were entries that used Milwaukee Braves & minor league Milwaukee Brewers.

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