Final Push On to Help Ryan Braun Make the Cover of “MLB 13: The Show”

Brewers fans have never been afraid of a social media battle when showing their support for the team and its players.  Fans helped Miller Park win’s “Battle of the Ballpark” last summer and are always ready to “Vote Brewers” come All-Star balloting time.

The campaign to get Ryan Braun on the cover of “MLB 13: The Show” is no different.  Braun needs your help.  Remember that every tweet including the hashtag “#MLB13BRAUN” counts as a vote as well as votes at

To promote the contest and Braun, a series of videos have been released since Monday on various forms of social media.  I have gathered all three videos below.  Watch them, share them and enjoy them.  I think they are pretty creative.  My favorite is “Braunies,” released today.

So remember, you have until 7 p.m. CT tomorrow to vote.  Let’s give Ryan a last big push–I know Brewers fans are up for the challenge!


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