The Year of the Bobble: Brewers Schedule to Feature Ten Bobbleheads in 2013

In 2013, we have slated not one, not six, but 10 All-Fan Giveaway dates on Sundays throughout the season where every fan in attendance will receive a bobblehead featuring different Brewers personnel. The bobbles could feature current players, alumni, mascots, etc.—and we’ll be revealing them here and across all of our social media platforms each weekday beginning next Monday, October 29 through Friday, November 9.

Here’s how it will work:

The best way to play along is to make sure your follow @Bernie_Brewer on Twitter. Each morning, Bernie will post a silhouette of the individual featured as the bobblehead we’re announcing, along with some clues (#GUESSBREW). Then, in the afternoon, we’ll follow up with a post revealing the bobble, along with an opportunity for you to win tickets to that game!

Not on Twitter? That’s okay, you can still be in the know. We’ll have blog stories each day about the bobbles and we’ll be posting on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus, too. You can also keep up at

Are we ready to have fun?

-John and Cait


Great. Throw in the alternates on the ones you can and there’s at least 17 bobbleheads. Can’t wait to start collecting!!!

Lemme guess the big mystery alumni will be Robin Yount (if your keeping score at home, thats 7 versions now, including alternates). Another Hank Aaron (because why would we wanna highlight Juan Nieves’ no hitter or a fan favorite of Team Streak like Teddy Higuera or a player from the 90s like Greg Vaughn?),

Paul Molitor (he actually only had one other release, but he’s frowned upon generally because the Brewers lowballed him going into free agency, so I doubt it’ll be him).

What else do we have instore? Ryan Braun he’s been done now multiple times but he’s the franchise, so throw in one more.. Gotta throw a sausage in there to complete that set (the Brewers are now on their 4th one, if you include the Stich N Pitch variety as well).

Carlos Gomez probably “deserves” one at this point since he’s the longest tenured Brewer without one (3 years) since they give so many away each year.

Obviously whatever free agent starting pitcher we sign will need one. The jury’s out on that one..

Nori Aoki, which in my eyes should be one of maybe two bobbles that should actually be given out this year. The other being the one I’m gonna bring up next.

Maybe we can get the same Mark Attanasio one as a reproduction leaving the people who paid 300 dollars for theirs to lose their investment (I’m actually all for that), same goes with the Kent “Iceman” Myers that goes for about the same amount.

Speaking of owners that reminds me, there isn’t a Bud Selig one yet. Though I think you guys are a year too late. They should’ve had one honoring the anniversary of the 2002 All Star Game when he threw his arms up not knowing what to do.

Might as well go one more and throw in a Wendy Selig-Prieb. Let’s milk this giveaway thing for all we can. Lord knows that a team that should contend for the playoffs next year won’t bring in enough fans just being a good product.

Whatever happened to umbrella day, or seat cushion day?

John Jaha

cant get any sound…but I say it Reinicke the coach

Doug Melvin?????

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