Chef’s Table Item for the Pirates Series

Sorry with the delay for the Chef’s Table for this series, but we are posting today in case anyone is coming out tonight or tomorrow.  The Pirates are in town for their third and final visit of the 2012 season and the item for this weekend series against Pittsburgh is “Pittsburgh’s Own Isaly’s Style Ham BBQ.”

The hot ham sandwich is simmered in a zesty BBQ sauce and served on a burger bun.  The sandwich is served with a pickle and the famous house made potato chips.  I never tried BBQ ham before and the sandwich was sweet while tangy at the same time.

For those curious or unfamiliar, chipped ham is a processed ham lunch meat, chopped ham that is sliced razor thin through “chipping” the meat loaf against a blade. Chipping the meat extremely thin ensures that it is more tender and has more flavor than if it is merely sliced thickly. Popular in Western Pennsylvania, the slicing process is commonly known as “Pittsburgh Style.”

As always, this sandwich can be found at the Chef’s Table outside section 215 on the Loge Level.  It is $9.25 and served this weekend only.



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