Happy Uecker Statue Dedication Day!

All month long we’ve been celebrating our very own Mr. Baseball with photos, our favorite “Ueckerisms” and more across our various social media platforms, all leading up to his statue dedication today at 1:30 p.m. CT.

We’ve compiled our favorites in a slideshow below. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For details on today’s event, click here.

And don’t forget–we also want to hear from you! On Twitter, post any photos you may have, or share your favorite memories of Uecker, or listening to Uecker, in 140 characters or less using the hashtag: #Uecker. Also, follow the hashtag today as many will be live-tweeting from the ceremony.

Not on Twitter? Share your stories by posting in the comment fields below our various Uecker pictures on Facebook, or email your personal photos to: JohnandCait@brewers.com (Subject line: UECKER).

We’ll be back with more from the ceremony later this afternoon!




“Ricky Weeks is still trying to bat his way out of the interstate system.”

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I still think having Uecker’s picture on Beach Towels, is much better, as then everyone can have a piece of him..

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