We’re Celebrating Mr.Baseball with Our Favorite Ueckerisms & More All Month Long

Back in March, we announced that the legendary “Mr. Baseball,” Bob Uecker, will be honored on Friday, August 31 with a statue placed outside of Miller Park near the Home Plate Plaza.

Well, it is now August and we’re extending our celebration of Mr. Baseball all month long with photos, our favorite “Ueckerisms” and more across our various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


We also want to hear from you! On Twitter, post any photos you may have, or share your favorite memories of Uecker, or listening to Uecker, in 140 characters or less using the hashtag: #Uecker. 

Not on Twitter? Share your stories by posting in the comment fields below our various Uecker pictures on Facebook, or email your personal photos to: JohnandCait@brewers.com (Subject line: UECKER).

We’ll compile some of the best fan submissions and share them here on the blog.

An iconic figure for the franchise, Uecker has provided the soundtrack of summer to generations of fans listening to Milwaukee Brewers games on the Brewers Radio Network. His irreverent style and knowledge of the game are unrivaled and his talents have also been known to audiences worldwide for years through his work on television and film projects.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Uecker’s first Major League game and, while Uecker’s roots will always be in baseball (including six seasons as a player and 42 years as a Brewers broadcaster), his career includes an incredible base of performing and entertaining all featuring one common thread – he always leaves the audience laughing.

Uecker blasted onto the national scene as an entertainer in 1969. A visit with Al Hirt led to Johnny Carson booking Uecker for an appearance on the “Tonight Show.” The chemistry between Uecker and Carson was immediate, and it led to approximately 100 encore appearances. Uecker soon became one of the most sought-after guests on the Talk Show circuit as appearances followed on the “Mike Douglas” and “Merv Griffin” shows, “Late Night with David Letterman” and even a hosting role on “Saturday Night Live.”

Highly respected in the industry, Uecker was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2001 and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Hall of Fame this past spring.

Uecker’s credits go far beyond guest appearances and play-by-play. In 1985, he launched a television acting career as one of the stars of ABC’s sitcom “Mr. Belvedere,” which put 122 episodes into syndication. He also hosted two syndicated television shows, “Bob Uecker’s Wacky World of Sports” and “Bob Uecker’s War of the Stars.”

One of Uecker’s most memorable roles came as the anchor of arguably the most successful advertising campaign in the history of television – The “Miller Lite All-Stars.” For years, Uecker served as the captain of the crew that acted in spots promoting Lite Beer from Miller.

As a film actor, Uecker starred in what is widely regarded as one of the best baseball movies of all time, serving as a radio announcer in the film “Major League.” He followed that up with a reprised role in the equally popular “Major League II.”

Uecker’s national sports broadcasting experience included serving as color commentator for ABC Sports coverage of Monday Night Baseball, League Championship Series and World Series, and NBC’s Major League Baseball Game of the Week.

A former catcher who spent six seasons in the Major Leagues, Bob authored a book entitled “Catcher In the Wry,” a humorous look back on the years he spent with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies. One of his career highlights as a player came in 1964 when he was a member of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

Despite his national attention and success, Uecker has always worked toward helping others. His charitable efforts benefit many organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Uecker will be the fourth person to be honored with a Miller Park statue. Hank Aaron and Robin Yount were the first to be recognized with statues that were unveiled on April 5, 2001, the first year of Miller Park’s existence. The first two statues were donated by the Allan H. (Bud) Selig Foundation. On August 24, 2010, Major League Baseball Commissioner and former Brewers Owner Allan H. (Bud) Selig became the third honoree when his statue was unveiled in an afternoon program.

The statue will be cast in bronze, measure over seven feet in height not including the base, and is being designed and produced by Brian Maughan, who (along with Douglas Kwart) also created the Aaron, Selig and Yount statues.

Specific details related to the statue unveiling & ceremony on August 31 will be announced later this month.

Please join as we celebrate all month long!




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T291jwBFLvA this was the best of all. Bob talks about the Furry convention in Pittsburgh

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T291jwBFLvA Bob talking about the Furry convention a few years back in Pittsburgh was the best. Ever.

I’ve already compiled the best of Uecker on Twitter! Follow @BobUeckerSays

But your got Major league III

“When the Phillies aren’t at home, Philadelphia fans go to the airport to boo bad landings.”

Two things—
First, the Brewers were on the road in Detroit. Bob was describing how dangerous the visiting booth was when a foul ball came into the booth. Well needless to say, all you heard was a couple of thuds and laughter, followed by Bob saying ” I told you to duck!”
I don’t remember if it was Kent or “Semi-retired” who was laid out on the floor?!
A few stitches and he was fine. If I recall Bob said something to the effect of ” That-a-way to take one for the team, what a trooper!

Second, and second to none, “There it is, 3000 for Robin!!!!
Still get goosebumps and remember where I was!

A couple of years back during a pitching change, Ueck was talking about Kenny Rodgers, the Texas left hander and his run in with a reporter after a game. Ueck went on how Kenny was a real nice guy who would give the shirt off his back and that he was raised in a proper home with loving parents who would never approve of his actions. He ended the story with the best punch line……”Man, that Mr. Rodgers is a nice guy!!” LMAO!!

During the preseason, Mr Baseball talked about going back to County Stadium for the Hot Dogs. Next thing was said on the radio was ‘ Oh by the way, this is what happened. Gave us un update.
Another Uecker moment was with anytime Ted Simmons hit a Home Run. “I can go to the bathroom, get a beer, get a dog, and sit down in time for him to cross the plate.”

When I was a teen, my mom and I were listening to the game. Then Uecker says, “Swing and a piss!” Dead silence for like the next two minutes. I am sure they were laughing so hard in the booth they couldn’t talk. Ah, Great times!

Don’t forget his work with the WWF and Wrestlemania. Didn’t Andre the Giant pound on him a little bit?

“He, just walked the pitcher!”

There is a section at Miller Park called the “Eucker” seats. They are also the cheapest buy and in the nosebleed area.

I remember one opening day Ueck was sitting in for a couple of innings with the ESPN TV crew. At one point the manager came out for a conference at the mound, and naturally the catcher came out too. “Oh, you never want to do that,” Uecker advised. “I came out to a conference at the mound once and the manager left the pitcher in – but took me out.”

My favorite was the Miller LIte commercials where Bob always sat in bad seats!

My mom is a huge Uecker fan and has been for as long as I can remember. She was such a big fan that a few weeks before his birthday several years ago she had gotten him a birthday card. I remember her sitting at our kitchen table practicing writing his name, as if she were a school girl with a crush.

Our family always went to County Stadium several times over the season, rain or shine. We would always listen to the radio to hear Uecker’s commentary, even when we were watching at home with the TV on mute. I can’t imagine Brewers baseball without Bob Uecker. The man is a legend.

Many years ago, beginning a broadcast in late September from Cleveland, which was having a very bad year: “Well fans, welcome to Cleveland where a small, but hostile, crowd awaits the start of tonight’s game.”

Everytime I hear him tell the story of him getting signed by the Braves—How his dad had to PAY $200.

As I recall Bob Uecker was comedy relief in the booth the first or maybe second year the Brewers were in Milwaukee, during the middle innings. I remember Merle Harmon introducing him as having just flown in from some different place each day. I was a kid then, but listened to most every game on my transister radio (through an ear bud) when my parents thought I was sleeping. Maybe a year later he became the color guy in the booth. That was many years ago. Bob Uecker has since become one of the great baseball announcers ever. I rank him up there with Vin Scully. These days I have the MLB package on my TV, but still often listen to the Brewer’s game on the radio just to hear Bob Uecker call the game. In 40+ years I dunno if I have ever heard him repeat the same story twice. A true legend at announcing baseball games, if not playing in them.

“I must be in the front roooowwww!”

Bob Uecker is a class guy and I’ve always admired his sincere dedication to Milwaukee and the Brewers. There are so many classic Ueckerisms, but a quote I’ll always remember is “Milwaukee, you have a World Series.” I believe that was back in ’82.

Dwayne Mosley made that call. Uecker was in the locker room for ABC TV.

Take over Monte, I’m in the bag…Harry Doyle

Bob Uecker’s Hall of Fame induction speech in Cooperstown is a classic must-hear!

they didnt say anything about him being in wrestlemania 3,4
and the fact that he is in the wwe hall of fame

”Twitter?! That’s something I do if I go too long without a Miller Lite!”

I loved when people would talk about being in the Uecker seats!

“He’s gonna need a passport to catch that one”

Many years ago, Pat Hughes and Bob were filling air time and discussing the big bike race that was in town. Pat asked Bob “Bob, do you do a lot of bicycling?”, Bob, without missing a beat answered “No Pat I don’t because I have really long leg hair and I have trouble with it getting stuck in the chain.”

Another time they were discussing one of the bat boys who was apparently a very good sprinter and had qualified for the National Junior Olympics. Pat to Bob “Did you do a lot of running in high school”? Bob: “Nope. I had a car.”

Bob, you are truly a national treasure.

On the Carson show, Johnny asked him what was the worst slump he ever had. Ueck’ says, “I went 0 for 62… but then i managed a couple hits in ’63”. Classic!

I always enjoy the gardening stories – how he plants cans of vegetables in the ground – or how he uses the cigarette lighter in his car to cook brats.

Corey Provus made a remark about how Ueck never exercises, and Uecker says something along the lines of, “Well actually Corey, I try to exercise every morning! [Corey mumbles an apology] I get out of bed and RUN to the bathroom!”

This is copied from a comment posted from someone on the Journal Sentinal article published about 5 months ago. It’s a great story:

“When I was a kid, my Dad would take me and my younger brother to just a couple ball games a year in Milwaukee. In 1962 we went to a game where I was hoping my favorites would play–one of whom was Del Crandall. Warren Spahn was my boyhood hero but he did not pitch that day. Then the PA announcer read the lineups and there was no Del Crandall catching but some guy named Bob Uecker. I was sort of upset but a few of my other faves like Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews and Johnny Logan were playing so I thought nothing of it. Then this Uecker guy caught a pitch and hit it out. We all cheered mightily. Turns out it was the only HR he ever hit as a Milwaukee Brave. I was there Ueck, and thanks for the memory. I will hug your statue when I come to Miller Park later this summer. And I’ll be listening on opening day for your making the 2012 season official with your humor and great calls. Long live the Ueck!”

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I love listening to Ueck. It doesn’t matter if the crew is doing well or not. “He pulled the string on that one.” “That’s a bender….” Talking about signs. Filling innings. I’m a Milwaukee guy, I’ve been a fan since the late ’70’s. The Brewers need to win a World Series for themselves and Ueck.

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“I hit a grand slam off Ron Herbel and when his manager Herman Franks came out to get him, he was bringing Herbel’s suitcase.”

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“Milwaukee, you have a World Series.” – that was said by Dwayne Mosley, not Uecker.

Way back when the Brewers first came to Milwaukee I would listen on my transistor radio and I would root for a rain delay just to hear Bob Uecker do his thing. Robin Yount was great and I dearly wanted a Brewers win, but you know, what I really wanted was to hear Bob Uecker. Amazing man!

I echo your feelings Scott. Uecker was AMAZING !!!
I always considered him my favorite player on the team🙂

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