Chef’s Table for the Nationals Series: DC TaKorean Food Truck Tangy Chicken Tacos

I lived in Washington D.C. during my junior year of college.  It was an awesome experience all around, I really loved living there.  The sights, the history, the people and the food make it very special.

I noticed two things about the food when living there.  One, is that the international flavor of the city is definitely captured in the cuisine.  All different types of food are available and that can turn a simple dinner into an authentic international dining experience.  The second thing I noticed was that Washington D.C. was definitely ahead of the recent “Food Truck” trend.  Fast forward ten years and you can’t really go anywhere without seeing a food truck touting unique food–they even have a television show devoted to the trend!

The specialty food item at the Miller Park Chef’s table for the Nationals series captures a unique International flavor in the spirit of Food Truck dining.

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The “DC TaKorean Food Truck Tangy Chicken Tacos” are a treat.  Three soft shell tacos feature sweet chili marinated chicken along with ginger, soy and a lime crema sauce will definitely satisfy your taste buds.  Served with wonton chips that are topped with a slightly spicy cucumber wasabi sauce go with the meal.  If you are up for something different and delicious, I wouldn’t miss them.

These will be available for the National series only (remember it’s a four-game series so you have an extra day to sample them!).  The Chef’s Table is outside section 215 on the Loge Level.  The meal is $9.75.


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