What John and Cait Ate…The Giant Slugger

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

-Yogi Berra

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it…and try these concessions!”

-John & Cait

During each homestand, we will be meeting with John DiMartini, Executive Chef at Delaware North Sportservice/Miller Park to sample some of the latest and greatest Miller Park fare and review it here, for you.

Swing for the Fences with the Giant Slugger

Today, we were treated to the Giant Slugger, SportService’s newest roster addition & superstar.

Read on for a description, photos and review!

The Giant Slugger- $26

The Giant Slugger is a 24-inch long Klement’s Hot Dog served on a pretzel bun. The two-foot long hot dog is loaded with chili, cheese, onions & jalapenos.

Watch as it comes to life:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The finished product weighs in at approximately two pounds, nine ounces. It is perfect for sharing as it can be easily cut up and is served in an easy to carry container with handles

John & Cait: We know we gave you a recent update from marathon training on how to eat healthy, but everyone needs to splurge here and there.  This is a perfect opportunity.  We not saying you need to eat the whole thing yourself (please, by all means, this is meant to be shared), but this is definitely something you and your group are going to want to try.  It’s good enough with just the hot dog, chili and cheese, but add that to a pretzel bun!?  Surely a masterpiece.  It is easy to carry in a case with handles and everything!  The crew at the stand will even cut it up for you and your group.  Give it a shot. It’s fun, it’s a “social” snack, it’s National Hot Dog Month and it’s America.


    (out of 5)

Where To Satisfy Your Craving: The hot dog is available on the Loge Level at Miller Park at a portable stand outside Section 215 (just steps across from the Chef’s Table) and on the Field Level at the Plaza Grill outside of Section 110.

The Crew returns home for a six-game homestand vs. the Pirates and Cardinals, starting tomorrow, Friday, July 13. Make sure you come out to Miller Park and when you do, make sure you order the Giant Slugger. Then, share your photos with us! Tweet photos of you and your gang enjoying this treat to @Bernie_Brewer with the hashtag #GiantSlugger.

So what about you? What do you think of the Giant Slugger? Do you have another favorite ballpark snack? Want to dispute our reviews? A question about concessions? Something you’d like to see featured here? Post your comments below!

We’ll be back with another edition of What John and Cait Ate during the next homestand and until then…Bon Appetit!

-John and Cait



Want to try it but $26 is too steep!

Find a way to add bacon to that!!!!!

It isn’t worth $26.00 , Sorry ! But it does look wonderful .

you people are freakin ridiculous!!! I have seen where hot dogs come from and this is the craziest price for a hot dog I’ve ever seen in my life!! Just imagine if 38000 goof balls at the ball park bought just one of these…….$988,000!!!! yep, that much!!!
It would only take ten games at this amount to pay a player a TEN MILLION DOLLAR SSALARY!!! DO THE MATH, NO KIDDING!!

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a 26 inch hot dog is comparable to 4-5 plain hot dogs on a plain bun….. not a bad price in comparison!!

If split between four people like it probably should be (still over a half pound per person), this becomes the most economical item on the Miller Park menu. What’s the problem?

And yes, let’s get some bacon on there!

you are nuts…..it’s a rip off

Summerfest’s 1lb, 22″ dog only weighed 1lb and fed 4-5 peeps, so, break it down, 4 peeps, $26 isn’t bad at a fair or ballpark to feed all these peeps!

Even if you split it with someone, $13 is ludicrous for a footlong. This isn’t a 3-star michelin dining experience, it’s Milwaukee… not gonna fly here.

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