Chef’s Table for the Diamondbacks Series

Two items on the Chef’s Table this weekend at Miller Park for the Diamondbacks series that will add a litle spice to your dining experience at Miller Park.  The “July 4th Famous Firecracker Cheeseburger” and “Cherry Wood Smoked Corn Off the Cob” will be featured this weekend.

The first is a slider-style burger topped with pepperjack cheese.  The burger itself has red and green chili peppers inside which gives it some great flavor.  The burger is topped with fried onions and a sweet molasses aioli.  It is served with the famous house made chips.

The burgers, seen here are made fresh to order.

The burgers, seen here are made fresh to order.

The second item is a Cherry Wood Smoked Corn “Off” the Cob.  This is an awesome snack that goes well with the burger and can be shared for two.   The corn–smoked here at Miller Park–is cut fresh off the cob in front of you upon ordering.  It is paired with your choice of sauce including Parmesan Butter (no spice), Chipotle Ranch (a little bit of spice) or a Cotija Mayonnaise (more spice).  I liked the Chipotle Rance and Cotija Mayonnaise the best, both gave it a Southwest-taste.

Corn being cut fresh from the cob.

Corn being cut fresh from the cob.

Chef's Table Menu

Chef’s Table Menu

The sliders are “Adam McCalvy Approved” as I received his two thumbs up in the press box just a few minutes ago.  These items are available only at the Chef’s Table (outside section 215 on the Loge Level) for this weekend’s series vs. Arizona.  The sliders are $9.50 and the corn side is $3.00.


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It’s always a pleasure to stop by the chef’s table in section 221 on the loge level @MillerPark. There you will find new food fair to compliment any faire. Chef Dominic & his serving asst. Felicia were quick & prompt & gave me &my family service with a smile I will definitely return to MillerPark for a stop @ the Chef’s Table the next time we visit MillerPark.-Brian Miller

P.S….Just want to say….”Booyah to Felicia :)!

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