An Open Invitation For Jim Caple To Visit Miller Park

Many Brewers fans helped us out last week in letting America know that Miller Park is the best baseball experience in MLB.  A promotion started by Jim Caple of had fans vote in a bracket-style tournament that had ballparks battle it out head-to-head.  Miller Park came out on top despite opening the contest ranked 24th.  We would like to extend an invitation to Miller park to Caple so he too can see what a great place Miller Park is to watch a baseball game.  Help us convince Caple to visit Milwaukee by spreading the word!

Dear Jim,

Last week was an exciting time for Brewers fans across Wisconsin (and the nation) as they really turned out to demonstrate their love for the place their Brewers call home.

We’re very proud that Miller Park has been voted the best ballpark in Major League Baseball, but we didn’t need the Battle of the Ballparks to tell us that.

 We already knew that Miller Park is not only one of the best stadiums in MLB, but one of the best in all of sports— and that’s because we know that Miller Park isn’t made of just bricks and mortar like other facilities. It’s built with the tremendous dedication and passion of Brewers fans, who we truly believe are the best in all of baseball.

Brewers fans have come out in record numbers—over 3 million fans in three of the last four seasons—to watch their team play. They are also a proud bunch, always up for a challenge. As we saw with the “Battle of the Ballparks” contest, the community came together to show the rest of the world what they feel in their hearts to be true.

Yes, we may be a little biased, but recent surveys have put the numbers behind our conviction. ESPN The Magazine placed the Brewers 7th out of 122 major league franchises in its “2009 Ultimate Franchise Rankings” fan survey.  In the 2010 and 2011 rankings, the team finished 2nd of 122 in “Most Affordable” and 6th in “Stadium Experience.” These are just a few of the surveys that all state what we believe – Miller Park is a spectacular place to watch a ballgame.

Jim, we know you have some strong opinions about Miller Park, many of which conflict with our views. But all we ask is that you give it another look, and allow us an opportunity to show you just how great of a place it really is. 

So, here is your official invitation. Come out as our guest and tailgate in the parking lot.  Enjoy a Klement’s Brat with our Secret Stadium Sauce and wash it down with the freshest and coldest Miller Lite you have ever tasted. Watch Bernie go down the slide after our MVP Ryan Braun blasts a home run, cheer on the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages, and feel the electricity that Brewers fans create as they cheer their team. No matter what the unpredictable Wisconsin weather has in store, our roof will ensure you see a game, surrounded by the friendliest sports fans in all of America.

We’ll even let you throw out the first pitch and hand us the winning certificate, as you suggest—no Darth Vader Sausage Trooper costume necessary!  


John & Cait


After all the trashed he talked about Miller Park throughout the voting…No…Just.. No…

John, Cait –

So great to see you and the Brewers continue to push Jim Caple to visit Miller Park and really experience all it has to offer. At the very least, he should be there in person to give us the award!🙂

Can’t wait to see if he responds, and I hope the pressure we all put on him makes him change his mind – as well as his bias.

Good luck, as you know I’ve been preaching along with you, Sports Radio 1250, and others. Lets get him to Miller Park!

and boom goes the dynamite

Or if you would prefer a craft beer over a miller lite, there are several stands that offer a great selection

who the hell is jim caple…just another drone at the booyah death star. tell him to stay away!

Do not let a journalist throw out a first pitch. What’s the matter with you?

See at Miller Park
Man up!

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